Like most people, I stumbled upon Intention and the Law of Attraction at a point in my life when I most needed it.

I was sitting at my desk, shortly after my birthday in May of 2006, praying to find the strength to change my habits and lose weight. I had ballooned up to 265 pounds and cringed every time I looked in the mirror. I was due to be married in 8 short months to my beautiful fiancé. Although she loved me as I was, I didn’t want her to get married to a man who would leave her a widow. She deserved better than that.

I had tried 100 diets, as most people struggling with their weight have, and none worked. As I sat there praying that this time I would find the strength to reach my goal and lose the weight for good, an idea occurred to me. ‘It’s not about just you; it’s about her and your future family.’ My prayers were answered with a simple question: “Do you love your wife-to-be and future children enough to give up beer and cheeseburgers?” My resounding answer was an emphatic Yes.

I was consumed with the prospect of getting healthy. Not knowing it at the time, I was putting the LOA and my Intention into action. Over the next month, I had ‘coincidentally’ (which I know understand were synchronicities) seen an ad for a new Martial Arts school in the area. The instructor was confident, friendly and assured me that even someone in my poor physical condition could, with some hard work and patience, lose weight and get fit.

So what’s interesting about choosing to start being physically active? Isn’t that just a choice and action? How is the LOA involved? Read on, it gets interesting.

The martial arts school was newly started and only had 5 students all adults. Unlike the other schools I had looked at in the past that seemed to have 100 fit people who made me feel even worse about myself, this one had 5 adult beginners who were all taking the same journey as me. Furthermore, the instructor was kind but insisting we work hard and push past our personal limits. I didn’t have to be better than everyone else, only to better myself. The perfect environment had manifested for me to start a physically active lifestyle.

Two of the other five students happened to be personal trainers specializing in weight loss, another fortunate ‘coincidence.’ In one of my first conversations with the personal trainers, they mentioned they were looking for someone to help them with some website work. Website development is one of my specialties which I took as another fortunate ‘coincidence.’ We agreed to trade services. They assured me I could drop to 180 pounds (85 pounds) in 6 months in time for my wedding. My original goal was 220 pounds and I eventually hoped to reach 200. Using their techniques, I dropped down to 175 by my wedding date.

My desire to finally change my life had manifested the perfect environment to lose weight (martial arts), the perfect tools and information (personal trainers) and the perfect price (a free exchange of services).

Today I am happily married, healthy and happy as can be. I weigh 160 pounds and am a black belt and an assistant instructor. My martial arts teacher and my trainers are among my best friends.

Soon after I started having some success losing weight, I was introduced to ‘The Secret’ and realized how I had used Intention to manifest a huge change in my life. I have been hooked every since and started introducing the concept to my family and friends.

Along the way I came up with some ideas and methods that my family and friends seem to really like. I took my wife’s advice and decided to start a BLOG about them. I hope you enjoy this and get something out of it that provides you practical methods for creating the life you want. Don’t just hope for it – intend it.

Practical Intention