The Time of Intention:

June 9th, 2010 by Steve

As I practiced the Law of Attraction, I pushed the limits further and further. What reality could I build today? It starts with small things but, gradually, you manifest bigger and bigger things. Finally, you get to the point where you want it all. You start to dream bigger and bigger in order to manifest your dream life. You do your affirmations, you radiate positive emotions, you keep the right frame of mind, and you wait and wait and wait. Why is it not here yet? Why is it taking so long? Anyone versed with the LOA and Intention will tell you it will come when you truly believe it is here. That is true but it is easier said than done. Why does Intention take so much time?

An answer, or theory, came to me as I got some great news in my life. My wife told me I was going to be a father. Being the OCD personality that I am, I immediately started reading everything I could about babies and parenthood. One fascinating piece of information was about how the babies develop. During the first 3 months, the baby goes from being a few cells to becoming a miniature version of the person it will grow into. After the first trimester, the baby still develops but mostly it grows. Usually, you cannot tell a woman is pregnant during the first 3 months.  She starts to show after 4 to 5 months. The first trimester is when everything gets differentiated.  The baby is small and tiny, but everything forms. Then when it is ready, it grows quickly and adds details.

Can Intention work the same way?

You set a goal and begin focusing. You put thought, energy, and feelings behind it. You visualize, you do affirmations, you put your full focus and the LOA starts to build your vision. Much like a woman in the first trimester, you don’t see any visual clues at first. All the parts of your new vision,  start to be created. Your new reality is being  put together. Once the vision is fully assembled, it grows and finally becomes manifest. Your new reality has been born.

I’m a big believer that the laws of the universe are evident everywhere around us. I think God gives examples in the normal process of things of how all the laws of the universe work. As I look around at creation, it seems to work the same way. From the process of creating a new life to building a house to creating art or writing, creation starts with designing the idea then having it grow.

First the creation comes from an idea, then the idea is designed or differentiated, grows, and finally  is built or born. The process of creation takes a long time and often we don’t see the results right away. This causes us frustration, which ends up working against our goals. When you are using the Law of Attraction to manifest your dream, you have to remember that what you are building takes time.  And much like my future son or daughter, although you see little physical evidence at first, you know they are coming nonetheless. The universe is putting all the pieces in place and differentiating your dream now, but if you let frustration creep in it will stall your progress.

The tough part here is believing without seeing. You have to keep the faith. You have to know that your dream is growing right now and avoid the negative feelings that often lead us astray. Know that every time you visualize you are growing the dream, every affirmation makes it that much stronger.  Every positive feeling gets you one step closer.

If you are feeling stuck or frustrated, remember:

1.     Your dreams are on the way and the universe is working hard to put everything into place. You may not see the evidence right now, but trust that it is happening.

2.     Remember that the Law of Attraction is a ‘Law’ which means it is always working. If you’re frustrated with gravity, it will still pull you to the earth. Laws work no matter what.

3.     It takes time to ‘differentiate’ your goal into being. All the pieces are being put into place.  Soon, they will grow big enough for you to see the signs.

4.     The Universe works on its own time table, but it IS working. It may not be here as soon as you think it should be, but it will be here in due time.

As a closing thought, try to use visualization every time you get frustrated. Once you catch yourself being negative and wondering “why hasn’t it come yet,” put the image in your mind of what you are working to achieve. If you keep this practice up, soon enough you will living your dream and working on your next one.


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  1. Ben

    Good statement, which makes me feel better.

  2. Mike

    That was very well written. It makes complete sense to me. I like the analogy of the birth of a child. There was an analogy I came up with too a few days ago that helps me stay positive. For me, I think that each thought, each intention, is actually influencing matter at the atomic level. I recall studies done by Princeton over 30 years proved that intention can manipulate a random number generator. though it was only slightly. yet still proved beyond chance. So I imagine each thought influences change in some tiny bit of matter. Maybe just an atom. But it does affect it. And that got me thinking, well how is changing the behavior of an atom ever going to get me the things I am visualizing in the macro world. That’s where something else I read about comes in. It’s called the butterfly effect. And it was postulated by a scientist that the flapping of the wings of a butterfly on one end of the world, can impact full blown weather patterns at the other end. Cause and effect millions of times over can have a powerful outcome it seems. So all this is to say, I imagine that single atom that I influences with my intention to be like the flapping of a butterfly wing. It only takes a small change for that atom to effect another, and another, and another, until eventually my vision manifests itself in the macroscopic world. 🙂

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