Choice. The problem is choice.

November 7th, 2013 by Steve

“Choice. The problem is choice” -Neo speaking to the Architect.

I love The Matrix trilogy of movies. They have many great spiritual and religious themes presented throughout their stories. The most prominent, in my opinion, is the idea of ‘Choice.’  The idea of choosing a path or a choice opening up a new reality is the core theme of the movie. Some examples:

  • Neo has to choose between the red pill or blue pill.
  • Neo has to choose to know he is fast enough in the Dojo sparring with Morpheus.
  • Neo has to choose to believe in himself and his power as the ‘One’ to defeat Agent Smith.
  • Neo has to choose between love and saving Zion when he meets the Architect.
  • Neo has to choose to give in during his final battle with Agent Smith.

So why am I writing about ‘Choice’ and The Matrix movies and what does any of it have to do with the Law of Attraction and Intention?  The answer is simple, at the core of every spiritual ideology, book or belief is the idea of ‘Choice.’

In addition to watching movies, I read and try to keep up with many of the latest authors in the LOA\Spiritual arena. I’ve read most of the recent books by: Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Paulo Coelho, Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, Byron Katie, Anthony Robbins, David R. Hawkins, and many more. The interesting thing about all these authors and all their books is they are trying to describe a process to manifesting a new reality or manifesting happiness that has nothing to do with how they actually got there. I don’t say this to disparage the authors, they are all amazing people with powerful messages, I say it to point out that they didn’t get to where they are by using the process in their books.

The problem may be that there is no easy way to convey what it means to actually choose a new reality. If you read the histories of how these authors and spiritual leaders came to see this power within them you will notice that at a critical moment in their life they saw a light, or put simply, chose a new path. Eckhart Tolle talks about how he was so poor and considered suicide at the age of 29 and at that moment became aware of of the ‘I’ and the ‘self’ and has since become an amazing spiritual leader. Byron Katie talks about how she was suicidal in a halfway house laying on the floor with a cockroach crawling over her and was reborn. She had a new awaking and made a new choice. Dr. Wayne Dyer had a childhood in foster homes that brought him to where he is today. Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith had a troubled youth and was selling drugs before he had his enlightenment. Most of the spiritual authors and teachers I read all have similar stories.

These people have made a leap, a choice, and see the world in a different way. They try to explain the process and convey information to help people understand but in the end it comes down to the simple idea of making a choice. I equate this to falling asleep on earth and waking up the next day on the moon. Once you’re on the moon you feel lighter gravity, see a brighter sun and can see the earth in a whole new perspective. You are amazed at what it feels like to be on the moon and you want everyone to be up there with you. You tell your earth bound friends all about how great the moon is and they say “I want to go to.” How do you get them to get to the moon to join you? You just wake up there, so you say well I guess you can build a rocket ship or a transporter but that is not how you actually got to the moon. You made a choice and woke up there. Now your friends build rocket ships and transporters but they can’t build them correctly or in time or it’s too difficult so they give up and never reach the moon.

This is why I believe so many people who read these books on the LOA, Intention and self-help fail to make the changes needed. They are following a process but ultimately not making the choice that is needed. The question posed to us is how do we choose to be a new person, to see a new life, to manifest a new world?

If I had an easy answer to this question, I’d be the next big thing in the new age spiritual movement. The truth is there is no easy answer and to make things even more complicated, the answer seems to be different for every person. The good news is that maybe we can hack away at it and get closer to something we can all use.

We know a new choice, or choices, have to be made since the summation of our previous choices have led us to the life we currently live. Logically speaking, if our previous choices led to a life that we want to change then new choices have to be made to change the life we want to live. Sounds easy right? We just need to make new choices.

In order to make new choices we have to figure out a few things:

  1. What choices do we want to change?
  2. What choices do we want to put in their place?
  3. Are we ready to make these new choices?

It looks simple when it’s written down but nothing is ever as easy as it seems. If we were able to make these simple new choices, we’d be set, bad choices stop, new choices start, new reality ensues. So why do we have so much trouble?

What Choices Do We Want To Change?

I have so often found when talking to my friends as we commiserate about our issues that my friends keep making the same choices yet expect a new result. For example, they can never find the right woman or man but always date the same type of person or search for them in the same places that have consistently let them down. Another example is people who struggle with their jobs but never improve their skills or apply to new jobs. The list is endless but the lesson is the same, if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll get the same result. One of my favorite quotes is “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” (some say it’s from Einstein others from Ben Franklin but no one knows for sure).

We’ve established we all make the same choices over and over that have led us to the reality we live in today. We now have to ask, what do I want to change in my life and by extension what different choices do I have to make? Do you want the right partner in your life but can never meet the right man or woman? What choices do you normally make that got you here? Where do you go to meet them? Where do you go on first dates? What kind or personality are you attracted to? What choice has failed you in the past? The same goes for all the issues we face. Identify the choices that got you here so you know which choices you have to change.

What Choices Do We Want To Put In Their Place?

Now that we know the Choices that we want to change we have to decide what new Choice will take it’s place. If you want to change and live a new life and a new reality a new Choice has to be made to replace the old one. Using the previous example of finding the right partner in life, if you know what you’ve done wrong, what should you change so that you do it right? Are you always going on dates and the man or woman isn’t funny enough or smart enough? Are they arrogant or not confident enough? You know what choices led you to failure in the past, now it is time to identify the new choices that have to be made. If you are having dating trouble try meeting people in new ways. If you have never tried dating sites, try that. If you have tried dating sites with no luck, try going out. It is time to change your patterns and make new choices and lead to a new life and eventually a new history.

Are We Ready To Make These New Choices?

You now know the choices you want to change and what new choices have to be made in their place. The final piece of the puzzle is.. “Are you ready to make these new choices?”  This sounds like a dumb question but it is the most important. The reason we are in this world that we are looking to change is we are comfortable in our choices that is why we make them over and over. Are you sick of your job and always complaining about it? Do you wish to manifest a new job? If so are you ready to do what it takes to get the new job? Are you making new choices to get new training, go back to school if needed? Have you updated your resume? Started networking and reading up on interview techniques? Have you started looking for what jobs are opened and applying to them?

Many people get to this step and fail. They know what choices to change. They know what new choices to make. They just don’t make them. This is why it is so difficult to change. How we live our lives and the choices we make every day are the culmination of years of experiences. Now we have to change our paradigm and do the hard thing and make these new choices. Most people know what they need to do, they just don’t do it. If you want to meet a new person, you know you have to get out there and date someone you don’t normally date. If you want to lose weight,you know you have to wake up and hit the gym and say no to that piece of pie. If you want a new job, you know you have to get trained and go back to school. Doing these things is the hard part.

If you want to really change you’ll wake up and run or get educated or date someone new. You won’t talk yourself out of it, you’ll just make the new choice even if it sucks. It will be hard. It will be tiresome but you will feel great. These are the amazing moments in life when you are ready and you make the new choices.

As you make these new choices you will noticed an incredible new reality emerge. If you were over weight and wake up and start running then eating better,  you will realize a few months down the line that you are now on the moon. You will look back at the old you still on earth and think how did I get up here? How did I wake up one day and just choose to be healthy? How did I change my entire reality with just one choice? How did I end up on the moon? This is a question everyone asks themselves after they have made the big leap. People will ask how did you meet that great girl, or get that great job or run that marathon? You’ll say oh I did this or that but the truth is you woke up on the moon because you chose to be different.

There is no magic. There is no complicated path. The answer is simple yet complicated. If you want to end up on the moon choose to be there and that is where you’ll wake up.

Good luck and bring a space suit.