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Control Yourself Control Your World

June 10th, 2011 by Steve

An interesting conversation at work today made me think about what control we have over our reality. I was talking with a coworker I had not seen in many months and we were commiserating about our crazy work hours and how it’s affected our free time. As our conversation progressed I noticed that my coworker kept talking about how she had let herself ‘slide’ (her words) because of the extra hours at work. She kept interjecting self depricating jokes about her appearance while at the same time talking about her ‘plans’ to take control of life in the future.

I started thinking to myself, “if we can’t control ourselves, then how can we control our environment?”

Earlier in my life I made the same excuses and comments before I realized why we make them. Most of us have felt less than our best at some point in our lives. We use humor to make ourselves feel better and deal with our negative self image. We make fun of ourselves around others to cover up our insecurities as if to say “I’m ok with my current situation.” We make fun and use humor because we are uncomfortable with ourselves and our current situation. We always leave those conversations feeling somewhat lessened and assure ourselves that at some point in the future we will do x,y and z to make a change. When we do finally make that change, it takes time and effort but starts when we decide to take control.

The decision to take control has a very powerful energy. Without control of ourselves we are walking around saying to the universe “I want to master my reality and control my life but I don’t have the energy to master myself.” How do you think the universe will respond to that?

Compounding what we are saying to the universe what do we feel? I realized that my feelings and thoughts were betraying me. How could I believe in my chances for changing reality when I was always making excuses about my lack of control at the most basic level. Our body, mind and soul is our only vehicle for interacting with the world. If I couldn’t control my vehicle how could I master my journey?

The people who truly master their realities have always mastered themselves first. Your body, mind and soul must be under control before you try to control your world. If you can’t master your vehicle in this reality you can’t master your reality itself. If your race car is broken down or running poorly how can you master the race track or win the race?

Your body is the lens by which you view your reality. If you’re making excuses to yourself and others then you are constantly putting energy out to the universe that you feel like a failure, otherwise you wouldn’t make excuses. And if your thoughts are always about failure, then you will manifest more of that.

As you work toward manifesting your ideal reality look inward first and make sure you have mastered yourself. This doesnt always mean the perfect body, the most brilliant mind or a perfectly zen soul but it means a body you’re proud of, a mind that serves you well and a soul that you feel at home in.

Once you are happy and in control of yourself your vehicle is ready. You’re race car is tuned up and you’re ready to win the race.


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