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Easy Is Not Always Best

August 8th, 2010 by Steve

As my wife and I are getting ready for the birth of our baby girl, we are faced with a plethora of choices regarding the birth. We have received advice from our friends, family, doctors, the Internet, books and the TV. We want the best for our baby, so after our research my wife and I decided to have a natural child birth.

We learned some startling information regarding births in the US. The birth outcomes in the US are as bad as many third world countries. In fact, they are among some of the worst in the world even though we have one of the best medical systems worldwide. A cause appears to be the over-medicalization of the birth process. More than 1 in 3 children are born through cesarian section and over 50% receive epidurals. Many large hospitals give epidurals to over 90% of women who deliver babies.

As a man, I can’t imagine the immense pain women endure giving birth and I understand a desire to lessen the pain. But I am learning from my wife that a process that is natural, albeit painful, has been made easier and yet more dangerous in an attempt to avoid discomfort and pain in childbirth.

I started to wonder, is easier always better?

We live in a society that uses pills and surgery to help people lose weight, feel better and look younger. The same goals can be accomplished through exercise and diet, but they often require hard work and time. All too often, we take the easy ways to a goal.  The problem is that there is a price to pay.

The amount of relapses or new abuses is staggering. If you google relapses after lap-band surgery, you will find a slew of articles showing increases in alcohol, drug abuse, obesity relapses, etc. You’ll find addiction to plastic surgery or pills that make you feel good. So easy, it seems, does not always work in the long term.

There is a reason true success takes time. True weight loss after a change in diet and lifestyle becomes permanent because along the way you learn the skills, attitude and knowledge it takes to become the person who exists in that new reality.

How often do we try to manifest desires, speak affirmations and try to set our Intention to a dream that is easy? We want money or love and think it will just come in the form of a lottery ticket or a chance meeting.  I believe everyone wants to use Intention to manifest their dreams, but how often do you hear of stories where dreams just fall out of the sky? If you read the story of anyone who has succeeded, they did have ‘opportunities’ come to them but often they were prepared, worked hard and trained so when an opportunity arose they seized it.

As you work to manifest your dreams, make sure you are not just sitting on the couch wishing. Make sure you work toward your goals in addition to putting energy into manifesting the opportunity.  If you want a new job, work on getting the training you would need to do the job and make the right contacts.  If you want to meet a new partner, then you need to go out and meet people.  If you want to look different or feel healthier, then you have to eat right and exercise.  Wishing and setting your intention are one thing, but the Universe loves nothing more than action to bring you your dreams.


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