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Why are we so scared to be scared?

May 16th, 2010 by Steve

I saw something interesting a few weeks ago flying home. The seat to my right  on the plane was empty and soon enough the young lady who had that ticket showed up. She seemed nice enough but I could feel negativity coming from her. As she moved past me to take her seat I could smell the liquor on her.  She stumbled like she was intoxicated, tripping over me and falling into her seat.  As soon as she sat down she took two huge pills and passed out, dropping the almost empty coffee cup she held in her hands to the floor.

The behavior was consistent with someone who was terrified of flying. I have relatives who have the same fear.  In order to get on the plane, they drink as much as they can at the airport and then take pills when seated to make it through the flight. The alcohol and drugs help them pass out so they can deal with the flight. They pass out to avoid their fears.

Why do we put our bodies through such torture rather than face our fears? Is it better to pass out and feel nothing than to sit with the fear, only to know you’ll have to face this same issue again? Personally, I would rather be scared and face it once rather than numb myself and feel nothing. It seems most people would rather avoid fear than conquer it.

Why are we so scared to be scared?

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