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Looking at the Raindrops and Missing the Rainbow

May 8th, 2010 by Steve

I am a skeptic by nature, a logical thinker, a science minded person. Ever since I was a child I would take things apart to figure out how they worked. The ‘what’ and ‘how’ was so important to me. My mother still tells stories (this Thanksgiving as an example) about how I took apart the VCR one day to figure out how it played tapes, and subsequently, could not put it back together.

I don’t know when the logic bug became the definition of who I was but along the way I accumulated an enormous base of knowledge, an encyclopedia of statistics and facts. In school I favored the hard sciences: chemistry, math, physics, etc. As my education continued through college I majored in business and computer science. I was as logical and scientific as can be and I loved it.

Knowing how something worked, the nuts the bolts, the facts, the statistics became my passion. I would crave intellectual arguments where I would showcase my logical acumen and pull on my factual database to out talk my opponents. I’d decimate any that didn’t share my opinion and walk away feeling superior.

My logical nature served me well in my early life until I started delving deeper and deeper into the nature of my spirituality. Like anything else in my life, when I first started the journey into spirituality, I researched and researched. I read all the basics: Bible, Koran, Torah, Tipitaka, Vedas, etc. The research gave me the basic tenants of the faiths but nothing seemed to fit who I was, so I kept reading.

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