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Why are we so scared to be scared?

May 16th, 2010 by Steve

I saw something interesting a few weeks ago flying home. The seat to my right  on the plane was empty and soon enough the young lady who had that ticket showed up. She seemed nice enough but I could feel negativity coming from her. As she moved past me to take her seat I could smell the liquor on her.  She stumbled like she was intoxicated, tripping over me and falling into her seat.  As soon as she sat down she took two huge pills and passed out, dropping the almost empty coffee cup she held in her hands to the floor.

The behavior was consistent with someone who was terrified of flying. I have relatives who have the same fear.  In order to get on the plane, they drink as much as they can at the airport and then take pills when seated to make it through the flight. The alcohol and drugs help them pass out so they can deal with the flight. They pass out to avoid their fears.

Why do we put our bodies through such torture rather than face our fears? Is it better to pass out and feel nothing than to sit with the fear, only to know you’ll have to face this same issue again? Personally, I would rather be scared and face it once rather than numb myself and feel nothing. It seems most people would rather avoid fear than conquer it.

Why are we so scared to be scared?

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Looking at the Raindrops and Missing the Rainbow

May 8th, 2010 by Steve

I am a skeptic by nature, a logical thinker, a science minded person. Ever since I was a child I would take things apart to figure out how they worked. The ‘what’ and ‘how’ was so important to me. My mother still tells stories (this Thanksgiving as an example) about how I took apart the VCR one day to figure out how it played tapes, and subsequently, could not put it back together.

I don’t know when the logic bug became the definition of who I was but along the way I accumulated an enormous base of knowledge, an encyclopedia of statistics and facts. In school I favored the hard sciences: chemistry, math, physics, etc. As my education continued through college I majored in business and computer science. I was as logical and scientific as can be and I loved it.

Knowing how something worked, the nuts the bolts, the facts, the statistics became my passion. I would crave intellectual arguments where I would showcase my logical acumen and pull on my factual database to out talk my opponents. I’d decimate any that didn’t share my opinion and walk away feeling superior.

My logical nature served me well in my early life until I started delving deeper and deeper into the nature of my spirituality. Like anything else in my life, when I first started the journey into spirituality, I researched and researched. I read all the basics: Bible, Koran, Torah, Tipitaka, Vedas, etc. The research gave me the basic tenants of the faiths but nothing seemed to fit who I was, so I kept reading.

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Harnessing the ‘Power’ in the Power of Intention Pt 2

May 4th, 2010 by Steve

In part 1 of this article we discussed the ‘Power’ in the ‘Power of Intention.’  I asked the question how much ‘Power’ do you have behind you’re Intention and can we build more ‘Power?’ My conclusion was that we can increase our ‘Power’ like putting more horsepower in our car or working out a muscle to make it stronger.

The key to that Power is Faith.

To build more ‘Power’ more ‘Wattage’ more ‘Horsepower’ behind your Intention we need to find a way to practically build faith in our desires and dreams. I often struggle with building faith. I get motivated and start out on my new mission. I write down my goals, say affirmations, and do all the tips and tricks we all read about, but usually, I quickly lose steam. Unless I see some kind of progress, I tend to lose faith. What makes the difference between the desires I’ve manifested and the desires that still seem out of reach?

I’ve found that when I believe or have faith in what I’m manifesting then it manifests, and usually fairly quickly. I have had periods in my life when I felt I was ‘on fire’ a desire so strong to succeed that the universe bent to make it happen. These were either times of desperation when I hit a wall or times of a life high when I felt unstoppable. How do I recreate the high times all the time when I am manifesting a goal that today seems so far off? How do I manifest a goal that for one reason or another I can not put my faith behind?

I’ve been taught, when a goal is so far off that I can break down the big goals into smaller ones but often times, that still does not bring it to fruition. If I am trying to manifest a new career, I know I have to work on the smaller goals like get the training I need, network, put my resume out there, etc. However, I still wanted to recreate that incredible power I feel when I am living the high times. When I am on fire, in a high Intentional state, when I believe with heart and soul in my desire, it happens overnight. If we could have access to that same level of power all the time then imagine what we could accomplish. I decided, instead of letting the goal dictate my ‘Power’ or faith, I would simply build my ‘Power’ so whatever I focus on becomes manifest that much faster.

It makes sense doesn’t it? The more faith I have, the more ‘Power’ I have the quicker I can manifest anything. Some things will still come quicker but with 500 horsepower in my Intention engine rather than 100, I’ll manifest everything quickly.  My faith for my entire life will be like those times when I feel that life high.

To build ‘Power’ I have to build ‘Faith’ in my dreams, my goals and most importantly myself. It’s easy to have faith in something here or there but to do it all the time, every time, takes constant work. What in our lives build faith? When do we start to believe? It is when we have that fire in our soul, that passion in our hearts. Times we will not be swayed, we will succeed at all costs.

We need to build faith every day, to use our daily lives as proof of our devotion to ourselves and our goals. Success is the ultimate fuel for faith and failure the ultimate deterrent. We have all felt the success and how we shine when we take on a goal and succeed. Think back through your life and try to remember the times you took on a mission and succeeded: the job you applied to and received; the man or woman you went after and charmed; the house you saved to buy and bought. How did you feel when you accomplished that goal?

You felt amazing. Can it be that easy? Can setting a goal and accomplishing it build your faith? Sort of, but the feeling is not enough. You need to focus that feeling, that ‘Faith,’ into the life goal you are trying to manifest. That is the catch, you have to focus the high feeling you get from success into a life’s dream. It is not enough to just succeed at doing something. You have to program your subconscious to believe you succeeded because of a desire in your life’s dream.

It sounds complicated, but it is much simpler than it sounds. Let us say you want to manifest a new job. How bad do you want it? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get it or are you going to sit on the couch and wish away? Why don’t you test yourself and see? There are easy ways to test your faith, which builds up your power with every success.

The physical world is the easiest to measure (many believe the only one you can measure). Start out with a simple but somewhat difficult physical goal as a test. It can be anything in the physical space. I will jog 3 miles everyday for 2 weeks or I will stop watching television for a whole month, etc. It should be something that matters to you. If you hate chocolate giving it up is not a real test of faith. It should also be something that is somewhat difficult to do. If you’re an avid runner, running 3 miles a day is not a real test. Pick something that matters to you, something somewhat difficult to achieve and set a definitive time frame. This is a similar concept to Lent for Christians where they show their faith in God by giving up something for 40 days. Instead of the focus being a faith in God, the focus becomes a faith in yourself and your goals.

Now that you have your ‘test’ how does this build ‘Faith’ and therefore ‘Power of Intention?’ You use your life goal as the focal point of your test. Using the above example of wanting a new job the test would go like this: For the next two weeks I will run 3 miles a day, everyday come rain or shine, to manifest my new job. Running and the job are obviously unrelated but that is not the point. The point is a test of your faith in wanting and therefore manifesting that new job.

Assuming the test you set for yourself is difficult (not impossible but difficult) and something that matters, everyday you get up and run and finish the 3 miles you are programming your subconscious mind to believe you want that new job. The more and more you program your subconscious mind with these successful tests, the more ‘Power’ will be behind your intention.

Like everything in life, there is a catch, the tests work both ways. If you pass them your ‘Power’ grows, if you fail your ‘Power’ shrinks. Additionally, the tests have to be difficult each time. If you ran the 3 miles for 2 weeks, the same test is not as effective. Once you have done it once, you know you can do it so it is not as big a boost to your subconscious. Each test has to be substantially difficult to be as effective as possible. The feeling of success against a hard goal is what builds faith in your desire. You want that job so bad you got up every morning and ran 3 miles no matter what. You ran through the pain, ran through the rain, ran when you wanted to sleep 5 more minutes. No matter what, you got up and ran. Your subconscious now knows that you want that job more than anything and as you are applying, as you are putting our resumes that energy seeps through. That confidences shows and before you know it, you meet a person who knows someone who leads you to your dream job.

To get started:

  1. Choose a life goal (new job, new friends, better health, etc.).
  2. Choose a physical test, something that will be difficult to accomplish but is within your abilities.
  3. Set a timeframe of 2 weeks.
  4. Every day complete your task with the thought in mind that you are doing this to manifest your life goal. If you wane or get weak, remember how badly you want to manifest that life goal and complete your test.
  5. At the end of the 2 weeks, you will have built up your faith in your life goal. Your ‘Power of Intention’ will be stronger.

Upon successfully completing your first test, take a quick break and then set a new harder goal with the same life goal as the purpose. Soon enough you’ll see your life goal come manifest, then you will set a new life goal and new test. The life goals will manifest faster and faster as your ‘Power’ increases. This takes years of training and there are many successes and failures but over time you build up immense ‘Power.’

Eventually, the life goals will come too easy to matter and you will exist just for the purpose of maximizing your Intention. Living just to be the absolutely best you can.

Everyday is proof of your devotion to an ultimate maximized ideal.

I am nowhere near that point, but I will keep working until I get there. I believe this is where gurus and spiritual teachers live. Every action, everyday is about being the best person they can be.