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Harnessing ‘Power’ in the Power of Intention Pt 1

December 1st, 2009 by Steve

The term ‘Power of Intention’ is thrown around all the time when people talk about the Law of Attraction (LOA). Generally, as the discussion progresses you hear more and more about ‘Intention’ and less and less about the ‘Power’ part.  Take a watch through ‘The Secret’ or ‘What The Bleep’ videos, or read one of the hundreds of books about Intention and LOA and you will be told over and over again what Intention is. It is ‘Power,’ however, that lets you manifest your desires. You can think of something and with the ‘Power of Intention’ bring it into reality.  I am over simplifying the lessons but my point is that all the focus is on the ‘Intention’ part and almost never on the ‘Power.’ If the ‘Power of Intention’ is truly a power, then shouldn’t we define the ‘Power’ piece as well?

What is ‘Power?’ If you look it up in a dictionary it has one of the longest definitions of any work I’ve seen. In my dictionary I see 32 different definitions.  Which definition is right for our needs?  Since the Law of Attraction is said to be ‘immutable’ like the Law of Gravity, we will focus on the physics definition.  Power as defined in relation to physics is:“The rate at which work is done, expressed as the amount of work per unit time.” Power is how much work can be done per unit of time.  Common examples we use everyday are things like watts or horsepower.  When you see measurements for how much ‘Power’ a car has, you see it measured in horsepower. A car with 300 horsepower is much more powerful than one with 100 horsepower. If these two cars were in a quarter-mile race to a finish line, then the car with 300 horsepower will arrive first (assuming similar weight and driving styles) because it has more ‘Power.’

If you are the car and your finish line is the goal on which you focus your ‘Intention,’ how much horsepower do you have?

If the ‘Power’ in the ‘Power of Intention’ can affect how powerful your ‘Intention’ is then it stands to reason that people with high ‘Power of Intention’ can manifest bigger things faster than people with lower ‘Power of Intention.’ The people with high horsepower can reach the finish line faster than those with lower horsepower.

Naturally the next question is: if I have low horsepower, how do I get more?  Can we up the ‘Power’ behind our ‘Intention?’ The answer is absolutely! In my post entitled Using Your Natural Talents, I discuss that we all have abilities we take for granted that we consider to be Natural Talents. These are just skills we have developed over time that we have more ‘Power’ in than other skills.  Additionally, I mention how we can take new skills and make them natural with time.  We can do the same thing with our ‘Power of Intention.’

How? The ‘How’ is the big question.  If we could train our Intention like a muscle, then we could make it stronger over time. With a stronger ‘Power of Intention’ we could manifest things in a shorter time. So does ‘Intention’ work like a muscle? If we use it over and over, like using our chest in a bench press, will it get stronger like our chest will? Will constant use of Intention increase your horsepower? I believe the answer is yes, but there are a few catches.

First, it is difficult to gauge how much you are using your ‘Intention.’  If you write down 100 daily affirmations and someone else writes down 1000 per day, is that person using ‘Intention’ more than you are?  What if you really believe in what you are writing and the person writing 1000 times does not believe as strongly? Based on the way LOA works, the 100 affirmations-per-day person will get there first so ‘time’ does not seem to be a good gauge of how to use ‘Intention.’

Second, let’s say that the same two people are writing down the same goal everyday.  The first person manifests the goal in a year.  The second person continues to write but does not manifest the goal.  They are both using the same technique but one succeeds and the other fails.  This happens all of the time.  What is the difference between the two?  The answer is faith.  If the first person believes he is worthy and deserving of the goal while the second person only goes through the motions, then the person with greater faith wins.  The high ‘Power of Intention’ rather than the effort or the time invested manifests the goal.

So we have seen that time and technique do not merit increases in ‘Power.’ How then do we increase the ‘Power’ behind our Intention?

How do we build more ‘Faith’ in the things we wish to manifest?