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Back after a long absence

March 13th, 2009 by Steve

It’s been close to a year since I’ve posted to this blog. After writing the first few articles, I felt I needed to step away for it for a while.

Now I’m back.  Much has changed for me in the past year and much has not. It sounds very paradoxical, but in many ways I am different. I feel different, think different and act different all for the better (at least in my mind). However, in the physical world, I am very much the same. I still have the same job, still training hard, still doing Kung-Fu, still with same friends, still lucky enough to be with my same wife. Many people would look and say if everything is physically the same then you haven’t changed, you’ve made no progress. I can’t say I agree because I’m happier now than I ever have been.

My wife and I have both been going through an interesting transformation. We’re both in pretty much the same physical world we were in a year ago but somehow we’re happier than we’ve both ever been.

  • My stressful job, the one that made me feel over worked and under appreciated is now my blessing. I’m good at it, it provides me the means to live the life I want, I get along great with my co-workers and I help my customers do their business.
  • My strict training regime that I ‘had to’ keep with to stay fit is now my glorious escape. Every morning I am lucky enough to be able to get up and run a few miles, I am healthy enough to get up and do it and enjoy it. Every evening I get to meet up with my classmates in Kung-Fu work out hard, spar, train and help each other improve. These are no longer have-to’s these are now need-to’s. If I miss a day of training I feel empty, somewhere over the past year the chore of working out became my daily meditation.
  • My social life is also the same, the same friends, the same circles. Last year many of the social interactions seemed like a requirement. My friends didn’t seem to get me the same way they used to because I had changed. I harbored resentment because I was becoming something different and they didn’t understand. I believed they should get me, support me, and all the other negative thoughts we project out onto others when we’re unsure in ourselves. Today each of my friends is a different face of my personality and of God. They each represent a part of me that I like and as a whole reflect who I am back to me. I enjoy seeing them and miss them when they’re not around.
  • Finally, I’m still with my lovely wife. Our relationship is stronger than ever and we are connecting in a way we never have. Last year we were struggling a bit, both going through different changes and facing parts of ourselves as a byproduct of Intention training. Today we are closer that we’ve ever been and more on the same page than at any point in the past.

So what’s my point. It’s that sometimes the changes aren’t dramatic, they aren’t physical, they aren’t about money or jobs or love or anything out there. Sometimes they’re about changes in here, in your soul, mind and spirit. I have been able to find a happiness I never knew before living the same live I had. I spent years changing my physical body, manifesting the right partner, job and situations to further my life but over the past year my mind and soul had to catch up to my physical reality. I was taking for granted all the increadible blessings I have.

Are you aware of your blessings? Can you find a way to love and enjoy what you have today because its part of your journey? I wonder… if we all could love who and what we are today what would the world look like?

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