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Know The Future You

March 16th, 2008 by Steve

Using Intention and the Law of Attraction (LOA) to manifest our lives can sometimes feel like an arduous task. Most of us dream big and intend to manifest those big dreams. We can get there slowly and surely and with painstaking efforts, but what if there was a way to help speed up the process?

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine that I haven’t spoken to in a while. He spoke about the goals he set for himself, and he described feeling frustrated with his life and current events. In that moment, it occurred to me he was right on track but he didn’t know it.

How did he miss it? Simply, he did not Know The Future Him. What does Know The Future You mean? It means to know who the future person you are manifesting is, know what that person likes and dislikes, know that person’s mannerisms, traits and characteristics.

Why is this important?

Let’s take a common goal many people share: “I want to lead a healthier life (lose weight).” An intentional process may start with writing your goals and saying affirmations, as well as dieting and going to the gym. Inevitably, according to statistics (and my own personal experience), the fire to reach that goal fades away and we fall back into our old habits. Why?

Again, “Know The Future You.”

Instead of just writing goals or using affirmations, take the time to think about what you are asking for.

  • Who is this healthier person?
  • How does this person live his life?
  • Does she enjoy physical activities (as healthy people generally do)?
  • Does he enjoy the healthy food he eats?
  • Is the way she eats a temporary diet, or a lifestyle?

As you start answering these questions, you will realize as I did when I finally succeeded losing weight that healthy people love being active. They have physical hobbies that keep them fit (running, gym, yoga, martial arts, etc.). They also enjoy the taste of healthy foods, as opposed to considering it a ‘diet’ that you’re forced to eat. It never occurs to them to eat another way or to skip working out or training. They simply love that life.

Once you do your homework and define the new You, identify the key characteristics that version of yourself has that you don’t and watch as opportunities manifest in your life to help build those characteristics. The LOA can be amazingly powerful when applied in this manner. When you put thought behind what you need in order to manifest the future You then you’ll see the subtle little changes that are helping you build the new you.

For example, if you decide to lose weight in order to become the future You:

  • Your life will bring you opportunities to ‘join up’ with physical hobbies.
  • You will manifest articles, TV shows and the right information about how to eat healthy and change your life.
  • You will meet people willing to help you or train you, or share their experience.

But what if you ignore all those signs because you’re focused on the end state? What if you’re so focused on waking up thin one day that you miss your life giving you the tools and opportunities to reach that goal? Most of us would not miss the signs if we were losing weight, but what about if we wanted to be a CEO of a successful company?

What characteristics do CEOs have? Generally, they are well organized, confident, comfortable speaking in front of people or large crowds. They are decisive, innovative and charismatic leaders.

Back to my friend who was working on marketing a particular product he wants to sell. He explained how frustrated he was with his current job for making him do a training session for other employees (speech in front of people, confidence). He complained about being given a new project that he had to manage from start to finish (organization, innovation). He wished his life would manifest the opportunity to market his own product. Well, it was. But he was missing the signs and was throwing away golden opportunities to build the characteristics and skill set he would need to reach his goals, further delaying his progress.

The moral of the story is to “Know The Future You.” Revel in and cherish the opportunities your life will bring to help you develop the skills and characteristics you’ll need to be that future You.

Practical Tools:

  1. Spend a few minutes imagining what you will be like when you have manifested your life goals.
  2. Describe in detail, as the way a writer would describe a character in a book, who this “Future You” is.
  3. Take the literally description and write down the top 5 characteristics or skills the “Future You” has.
  4. Keep that list around and check it often. And keep in mind that you need to be the things on that list in order to manifest your dream.
  5. When your life brings you the opportunity to develop those skills, jump on the chance to master it. In no time, you’ll be setting a new goal because you’ll have blown the old one away.

Practical Intention

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