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Choice. The problem is choice.

November 7th, 2013 by Steve

“Choice. The problem is choice” -Neo speaking to the Architect.

I love The Matrix trilogy of movies. They have many great spiritual and religious themes presented throughout their stories. The most prominent, in my opinion, is the idea of ‘Choice.’  The idea of choosing a path or a choice opening up a new reality is the core theme of the movie. Some examples:

  • Neo has to choose between the red pill or blue pill.
  • Neo has to choose to know he is fast enough in the Dojo sparring with Morpheus.
  • Neo has to choose to believe in himself and his power as the ‘One’ to defeat Agent Smith.
  • Neo has to choose between love and saving Zion when he meets the Architect.
  • Neo has to choose to give in during his final battle with Agent Smith.

So why am I writing about ‘Choice’ and The Matrix movies and what does any of it have to do with the Law of Attraction and Intention?  The answer is simple, at the core of every spiritual ideology, book or belief is the idea of ‘Choice.’

In addition to watching movies, I read and try to keep up with many of the latest authors in the LOA\Spiritual arena. I’ve read most of the recent books by: Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Paulo Coelho, Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, Byron Katie, Anthony Robbins, David R. Hawkins, and many more. The interesting thing about all these authors and all their books is they are trying to describe a process to manifesting a new reality or manifesting happiness that has nothing to do with how they actually got there. I don’t say this to disparage the authors, they are all amazing people with powerful messages, I say it to point out that they didn’t get to where they are by using the process in their books.

The problem may be that there is no easy way to convey what it means to actually choose a new reality. If you read the histories of how these authors and spiritual leaders came to see this power within them you will notice that at a critical moment in their life they saw a light, or put simply, chose a new path. Eckhart Tolle talks about how he was so poor and considered suicide at the age of 29 and at that moment became aware of of the ‘I’ and the ‘self’ and has since become an amazing spiritual leader. Byron Katie talks about how she was suicidal in a halfway house laying on the floor with a cockroach crawling over her and was reborn. She had a new awaking and made a new choice. Dr. Wayne Dyer had a childhood in foster homes that brought him to where he is today. Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith had a troubled youth and was selling drugs before he had his enlightenment. Most of the spiritual authors and teachers I read all have similar stories.

These people have made a leap, a choice, and see the world in a different way. They try to explain the process and convey information to help people understand but in the end it comes down to the simple idea of making a choice. I equate this to falling asleep on earth and waking up the next day on the moon. Once you’re on the moon you feel lighter gravity, see a brighter sun and can see the earth in a whole new perspective. You are amazed at what it feels like to be on the moon and you want everyone to be up there with you. You tell your earth bound friends all about how great the moon is and they say “I want to go to.” How do you get them to get to the moon to join you? You just wake up there, so you say well I guess you can build a rocket ship or a transporter but that is not how you actually got to the moon. You made a choice and woke up there. Now your friends build rocket ships and transporters but they can’t build them correctly or in time or it’s too difficult so they give up and never reach the moon.

This is why I believe so many people who read these books on the LOA, Intention and self-help fail to make the changes needed. They are following a process but ultimately not making the choice that is needed. The question posed to us is how do we choose to be a new person, to see a new life, to manifest a new world?

If I had an easy answer to this question, I’d be the next big thing in the new age spiritual movement. The truth is there is no easy answer and to make things even more complicated, the answer seems to be different for every person. The good news is that maybe we can hack away at it and get closer to something we can all use.

We know a new choice, or choices, have to be made since the summation of our previous choices have led us to the life we currently live. Logically speaking, if our previous choices led to a life that we want to change then new choices have to be made to change the life we want to live. Sounds easy right? We just need to make new choices.

In order to make new choices we have to figure out a few things:

  1. What choices do we want to change?
  2. What choices do we want to put in their place?
  3. Are we ready to make these new choices?

It looks simple when it’s written down but nothing is ever as easy as it seems. If we were able to make these simple new choices, we’d be set, bad choices stop, new choices start, new reality ensues. So why do we have so much trouble?

What Choices Do We Want To Change?

I have so often found when talking to my friends as we commiserate about our issues that my friends keep making the same choices yet expect a new result. For example, they can never find the right woman or man but always date the same type of person or search for them in the same places that have consistently let them down. Another example is people who struggle with their jobs but never improve their skills or apply to new jobs. The list is endless but the lesson is the same, if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll get the same result. One of my favorite quotes is “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” (some say it’s from Einstein others from Ben Franklin but no one knows for sure).

We’ve established we all make the same choices over and over that have led us to the reality we live in today. We now have to ask, what do I want to change in my life and by extension what different choices do I have to make? Do you want the right partner in your life but can never meet the right man or woman? What choices do you normally make that got you here? Where do you go to meet them? Where do you go on first dates? What kind or personality are you attracted to? What choice has failed you in the past? The same goes for all the issues we face. Identify the choices that got you here so you know which choices you have to change.

What Choices Do We Want To Put In Their Place?

Now that we know the Choices that we want to change we have to decide what new Choice will take it’s place. If you want to change and live a new life and a new reality a new Choice has to be made to replace the old one. Using the previous example of finding the right partner in life, if you know what you’ve done wrong, what should you change so that you do it right? Are you always going on dates and the man or woman isn’t funny enough or smart enough? Are they arrogant or not confident enough? You know what choices led you to failure in the past, now it is time to identify the new choices that have to be made. If you are having dating trouble try meeting people in new ways. If you have never tried dating sites, try that. If you have tried dating sites with no luck, try going out. It is time to change your patterns and make new choices and lead to a new life and eventually a new history.

Are We Ready To Make These New Choices?

You now know the choices you want to change and what new choices have to be made in their place. The final piece of the puzzle is.. “Are you ready to make these new choices?”  This sounds like a dumb question but it is the most important. The reason we are in this world that we are looking to change is we are comfortable in our choices that is why we make them over and over. Are you sick of your job and always complaining about it? Do you wish to manifest a new job? If so are you ready to do what it takes to get the new job? Are you making new choices to get new training, go back to school if needed? Have you updated your resume? Started networking and reading up on interview techniques? Have you started looking for what jobs are opened and applying to them?

Many people get to this step and fail. They know what choices to change. They know what new choices to make. They just don’t make them. This is why it is so difficult to change. How we live our lives and the choices we make every day are the culmination of years of experiences. Now we have to change our paradigm and do the hard thing and make these new choices. Most people know what they need to do, they just don’t do it. If you want to meet a new person, you know you have to get out there and date someone you don’t normally date. If you want to lose weight,you know you have to wake up and hit the gym and say no to that piece of pie. If you want a new job, you know you have to get trained and go back to school. Doing these things is the hard part.

If you want to really change you’ll wake up and run or get educated or date someone new. You won’t talk yourself out of it, you’ll just make the new choice even if it sucks. It will be hard. It will be tiresome but you will feel great. These are the amazing moments in life when you are ready and you make the new choices.

As you make these new choices you will noticed an incredible new reality emerge. If you were over weight and wake up and start running then eating better,  you will realize a few months down the line that you are now on the moon. You will look back at the old you still on earth and think how did I get up here? How did I wake up one day and just choose to be healthy? How did I change my entire reality with just one choice? How did I end up on the moon? This is a question everyone asks themselves after they have made the big leap. People will ask how did you meet that great girl, or get that great job or run that marathon? You’ll say oh I did this or that but the truth is you woke up on the moon because you chose to be different.

There is no magic. There is no complicated path. The answer is simple yet complicated. If you want to end up on the moon choose to be there and that is where you’ll wake up.

Good luck and bring a space suit.





Survive or Thrive

May 14th, 2011 by Steve

Do you seek to thrive or just get by and survive?

It is unfortunate that so many people in the world live in dire enough conditions that surviving through life is a huge accomplishment. For those poor people the mere act of finding food, shelter and clothing occupies all their time. They do not have the luxury of thinking to themselves how do I thrive?

For those of us blessed enough to live in better circumstances we should ask ‘are we trying to do better than just survive?’ I find myself pushing to make sure my thoughts are about growth, expansion and thriving instead of just getting by. How often do we think to ourselves ‘if only I had enough money to pay this one bill’ or ‘just get me through this one meeting?’

What energy are your thoughts putting out into the universe? Are you asking the universe to just get you by or do you want the universe to give you more than you can imagine?

What kind of energy are you putting out there? Often times we get so caught up in surviving that we forget to ask for what we need to thrive. If you are always asking the universe to just get you by, to just let you survive this one time then that is all you will get. You will always just survive. You are not asking the universe to give you everything, give you amazing abundance. You are saying ‘just get me by.’

Start asking to thrive. Start manifesting abundance. There is more than enough out there for everybody but you have to ask for it. You have to want it and know you deserve it. Don’t let your guilt fool you into thinking it’s greedy to ask for more. Our realities are just a reflection of our beliefs. There is no universal law that says you have to just squeak by and just survive. If you believe you should thrive then you will.

Change your thoughts and prayers, don’t just ask for one more day, ask for another year. Don’t ask for $50 to pay your bill ask for $500,000 so you never worry. Don’t ask for any guy or girl to notice you ask for all of them to notice.

It takes time for your emotions to follow your thoughts but if you keep asking for everything you want rather than just want you need to get by the universe will eventually reflect your Intention and you will begin manifesting larger and larger returns.

Before you know it you will be Thriving.

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Instinct Vs. Thought

May 13th, 2011 by Steve

What comes to mine when we hear the word “Instinct?” Is it a gut feeling? Is it biology? An inborn reflex?

The dictionary definition of Instinct is:

1. inborn pattern of activity or tendency to action common to a given biological species.
2. a natural or innate impulse, inclination, or tendency.
3. a natural aptitude or gift.
4. natural intuitive power.

Instinct is that quick gut reaction, that feeling, that voice that tells us what to do or that immediate reaction to a situation.

How is Thought different than Instinct. Thought is defined as:

1. the product of mental activity; that which one thinks: a body of thought.
2. a single act or product of thinking; idea or notion: to collect one’s thoughts.
3. the act or process of thinking; mental activity: Thought as well as action wearies us.

The definition goes on but the point is made: Instinct is a gift, natural, innate, impulsive and Thought is activity, a product or a process. I take that to mean Thought takes energy Instinct is just reaction. Much is written about using your thoughts to manifest your reality. People write affirmations, read books and do exersizes causing them to think about a particular outcome and put energy into it. The purpose is that eventually your thoughts change, become more positive and attuned to your life’s goals.

As powerful as Thought is it possible that Instinct can be more useful?

Our Instincts are usually right on. Instinct is the voice in our head that speaks first and foremost. Would listening to your Instinct better serve you than focusing just on Thought?

In my experience Instinct is the voice that tells you the truth and you use thought to talk yourself out of it. Let’s say that you want to start running. Every morning when you wake up your Instinct will tell you ‘Run’ and you’ll look at your clock and think to yourself “I’m tired I’d rather sleep” or “I need rest I’ll run tomorrow.” Thought is betraying you. Instinct pointed you in the direction of the new reality you wanted to follow and Thought talked you out of it.

Think back to the times when you have determined to change your life and manifest a new reality. As you progressed what was your Instinct telling you rather than your Thoughts?

Did Instinct tell you to take a chance at the exciting new job but Thought reminded you that you have a family and it might be too risky?

Maybe Instinct told you to start a business when you had a great idea but Thought jumped in and said “it won’t work” or “it’s too difficult.”

Take an inventory or your thoughts and see how often they counter your instincts. It may surprise you. The purpose of Intention is to believe something outside of the mind. To move past thinking about it and make it part of your faith. Instinct is natural like faith where Thought is practiced.

Move past Thought and listen to your Instinct and success will become second nature.

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Hope is Happiness

May 4th, 2011 by Steve

In today’s world I know so many people who love to focus on the here and now. The pragmatists, the practical people, the ones that don’t dream. They watch the news every day, focus on the here and now, stay on top of current events and chastise those that don’t.  They believe hopes and dreams are impractical. Just a dreamers way of floating through the day. Although there is wisdom in being practical, it seems to me a life of only practicality lacks purpose. Why live if you can’t dream and hope.

Hope is Happiness.

We live in the real world most of our lives. We deal with jobs, bills, relationships, homes, friends, etc. The list is endless.  To balance out all that reality, I hope, I dream and I look forward. I don’t need to watch the depressing news everyday. I don’t need to keep focusing on every real world problem when I know I have a plan in place to deal with them.  I don’t need to review every issue over and over again to give myself a false sense of security. Focusing on what is real and here sends all your energy on what already exists. For most of us we seek something greater than what already exists.

I am proud to look to the future and dream and to use my hopes to point me in the right direction. I am happy to just turn off the news that fills my head with the terrible state of affairs of the world today and read something uplifting. I will take time out of my day to dream and hope. I will picture my new reality and bring energy to it so it can manifest. Hope will drive me to do the things I need to do and when things aren’t going my way it is hope that will keep me going.

Don’t let those stuck in the quagmire of the here and now bring you down to their level and take your hopes and dreams away. If we continue to hope and work toward our dreams, happiness follows.

Whenever I am confronted with someone who is trying to drag me down I Hope that they find Happiness and go about my day.




The Time of Intention:

June 9th, 2010 by Steve

As I practiced the Law of Attraction, I pushed the limits further and further. What reality could I build today? It starts with small things but, gradually, you manifest bigger and bigger things. Finally, you get to the point where you want it all. You start to dream bigger and bigger in order to manifest your dream life. You do your affirmations, you radiate positive emotions, you keep the right frame of mind, and you wait and wait and wait. Why is it not here yet? Why is it taking so long? Anyone versed with the LOA and Intention will tell you it will come when you truly believe it is here. That is true but it is easier said than done. Why does Intention take so much time?

An answer, or theory, came to me as I got some great news in my life. My wife told me I was going to be a father. Being the OCD personality that I am, I immediately started reading everything I could about babies and parenthood. One fascinating piece of information was about how the babies develop. During the first 3 months, the baby goes from being a few cells to becoming a miniature version of the person it will grow into. After the first trimester, the baby still develops but mostly it grows. Usually, you cannot tell a woman is pregnant during the first 3 months.  She starts to show after 4 to 5 months. The first trimester is when everything gets differentiated.  The baby is small and tiny, but everything forms. Then when it is ready, it grows quickly and adds details.

Can Intention work the same way?

You set a goal and begin focusing. You put thought, energy, and feelings behind it. You visualize, you do affirmations, you put your full focus and the LOA starts to build your vision. Much like a woman in the first trimester, you don’t see any visual clues at first. All the parts of your new vision,  start to be created. Your new reality is being  put together. Once the vision is fully assembled, it grows and finally becomes manifest. Your new reality has been born.

I’m a big believer that the laws of the universe are evident everywhere around us. I think God gives examples in the normal process of things of how all the laws of the universe work. As I look around at creation, it seems to work the same way. From the process of creating a new life to building a house to creating art or writing, creation starts with designing the idea then having it grow.

First the creation comes from an idea, then the idea is designed or differentiated, grows, and finally  is built or born. The process of creation takes a long time and often we don’t see the results right away. This causes us frustration, which ends up working against our goals. When you are using the Law of Attraction to manifest your dream, you have to remember that what you are building takes time.  And much like my future son or daughter, although you see little physical evidence at first, you know they are coming nonetheless. The universe is putting all the pieces in place and differentiating your dream now, but if you let frustration creep in it will stall your progress.

The tough part here is believing without seeing. You have to keep the faith. You have to know that your dream is growing right now and avoid the negative feelings that often lead us astray. Know that every time you visualize you are growing the dream, every affirmation makes it that much stronger.  Every positive feeling gets you one step closer.

If you are feeling stuck or frustrated, remember:

1.     Your dreams are on the way and the universe is working hard to put everything into place. You may not see the evidence right now, but trust that it is happening.

2.     Remember that the Law of Attraction is a ‘Law’ which means it is always working. If you’re frustrated with gravity, it will still pull you to the earth. Laws work no matter what.

3.     It takes time to ‘differentiate’ your goal into being. All the pieces are being put into place.  Soon, they will grow big enough for you to see the signs.

4.     The Universe works on its own time table, but it IS working. It may not be here as soon as you think it should be, but it will be here in due time.

As a closing thought, try to use visualization every time you get frustrated. Once you catch yourself being negative and wondering “why hasn’t it come yet,” put the image in your mind of what you are working to achieve. If you keep this practice up, soon enough you will living your dream and working on your next one.


Harnessing the ‘Power’ in the Power of Intention Pt 2

May 4th, 2010 by Steve

In part 1 of this article we discussed the ‘Power’ in the ‘Power of Intention.’  I asked the question how much ‘Power’ do you have behind you’re Intention and can we build more ‘Power?’ My conclusion was that we can increase our ‘Power’ like putting more horsepower in our car or working out a muscle to make it stronger.

The key to that Power is Faith.

To build more ‘Power’ more ‘Wattage’ more ‘Horsepower’ behind your Intention we need to find a way to practically build faith in our desires and dreams. I often struggle with building faith. I get motivated and start out on my new mission. I write down my goals, say affirmations, and do all the tips and tricks we all read about, but usually, I quickly lose steam. Unless I see some kind of progress, I tend to lose faith. What makes the difference between the desires I’ve manifested and the desires that still seem out of reach?

I’ve found that when I believe or have faith in what I’m manifesting then it manifests, and usually fairly quickly. I have had periods in my life when I felt I was ‘on fire’ a desire so strong to succeed that the universe bent to make it happen. These were either times of desperation when I hit a wall or times of a life high when I felt unstoppable. How do I recreate the high times all the time when I am manifesting a goal that today seems so far off? How do I manifest a goal that for one reason or another I can not put my faith behind?

I’ve been taught, when a goal is so far off that I can break down the big goals into smaller ones but often times, that still does not bring it to fruition. If I am trying to manifest a new career, I know I have to work on the smaller goals like get the training I need, network, put my resume out there, etc. However, I still wanted to recreate that incredible power I feel when I am living the high times. When I am on fire, in a high Intentional state, when I believe with heart and soul in my desire, it happens overnight. If we could have access to that same level of power all the time then imagine what we could accomplish. I decided, instead of letting the goal dictate my ‘Power’ or faith, I would simply build my ‘Power’ so whatever I focus on becomes manifest that much faster.

It makes sense doesn’t it? The more faith I have, the more ‘Power’ I have the quicker I can manifest anything. Some things will still come quicker but with 500 horsepower in my Intention engine rather than 100, I’ll manifest everything quickly.  My faith for my entire life will be like those times when I feel that life high.

To build ‘Power’ I have to build ‘Faith’ in my dreams, my goals and most importantly myself. It’s easy to have faith in something here or there but to do it all the time, every time, takes constant work. What in our lives build faith? When do we start to believe? It is when we have that fire in our soul, that passion in our hearts. Times we will not be swayed, we will succeed at all costs.

We need to build faith every day, to use our daily lives as proof of our devotion to ourselves and our goals. Success is the ultimate fuel for faith and failure the ultimate deterrent. We have all felt the success and how we shine when we take on a goal and succeed. Think back through your life and try to remember the times you took on a mission and succeeded: the job you applied to and received; the man or woman you went after and charmed; the house you saved to buy and bought. How did you feel when you accomplished that goal?

You felt amazing. Can it be that easy? Can setting a goal and accomplishing it build your faith? Sort of, but the feeling is not enough. You need to focus that feeling, that ‘Faith,’ into the life goal you are trying to manifest. That is the catch, you have to focus the high feeling you get from success into a life’s dream. It is not enough to just succeed at doing something. You have to program your subconscious to believe you succeeded because of a desire in your life’s dream.

It sounds complicated, but it is much simpler than it sounds. Let us say you want to manifest a new job. How bad do you want it? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get it or are you going to sit on the couch and wish away? Why don’t you test yourself and see? There are easy ways to test your faith, which builds up your power with every success.

The physical world is the easiest to measure (many believe the only one you can measure). Start out with a simple but somewhat difficult physical goal as a test. It can be anything in the physical space. I will jog 3 miles everyday for 2 weeks or I will stop watching television for a whole month, etc. It should be something that matters to you. If you hate chocolate giving it up is not a real test of faith. It should also be something that is somewhat difficult to do. If you’re an avid runner, running 3 miles a day is not a real test. Pick something that matters to you, something somewhat difficult to achieve and set a definitive time frame. This is a similar concept to Lent for Christians where they show their faith in God by giving up something for 40 days. Instead of the focus being a faith in God, the focus becomes a faith in yourself and your goals.

Now that you have your ‘test’ how does this build ‘Faith’ and therefore ‘Power of Intention?’ You use your life goal as the focal point of your test. Using the above example of wanting a new job the test would go like this: For the next two weeks I will run 3 miles a day, everyday come rain or shine, to manifest my new job. Running and the job are obviously unrelated but that is not the point. The point is a test of your faith in wanting and therefore manifesting that new job.

Assuming the test you set for yourself is difficult (not impossible but difficult) and something that matters, everyday you get up and run and finish the 3 miles you are programming your subconscious mind to believe you want that new job. The more and more you program your subconscious mind with these successful tests, the more ‘Power’ will be behind your intention.

Like everything in life, there is a catch, the tests work both ways. If you pass them your ‘Power’ grows, if you fail your ‘Power’ shrinks. Additionally, the tests have to be difficult each time. If you ran the 3 miles for 2 weeks, the same test is not as effective. Once you have done it once, you know you can do it so it is not as big a boost to your subconscious. Each test has to be substantially difficult to be as effective as possible. The feeling of success against a hard goal is what builds faith in your desire. You want that job so bad you got up every morning and ran 3 miles no matter what. You ran through the pain, ran through the rain, ran when you wanted to sleep 5 more minutes. No matter what, you got up and ran. Your subconscious now knows that you want that job more than anything and as you are applying, as you are putting our resumes that energy seeps through. That confidences shows and before you know it, you meet a person who knows someone who leads you to your dream job.

To get started:

  1. Choose a life goal (new job, new friends, better health, etc.).
  2. Choose a physical test, something that will be difficult to accomplish but is within your abilities.
  3. Set a timeframe of 2 weeks.
  4. Every day complete your task with the thought in mind that you are doing this to manifest your life goal. If you wane or get weak, remember how badly you want to manifest that life goal and complete your test.
  5. At the end of the 2 weeks, you will have built up your faith in your life goal. Your ‘Power of Intention’ will be stronger.

Upon successfully completing your first test, take a quick break and then set a new harder goal with the same life goal as the purpose. Soon enough you’ll see your life goal come manifest, then you will set a new life goal and new test. The life goals will manifest faster and faster as your ‘Power’ increases. This takes years of training and there are many successes and failures but over time you build up immense ‘Power.’

Eventually, the life goals will come too easy to matter and you will exist just for the purpose of maximizing your Intention. Living just to be the absolutely best you can.

Everyday is proof of your devotion to an ultimate maximized ideal.

I am nowhere near that point, but I will keep working until I get there. I believe this is where gurus and spiritual teachers live. Every action, everyday is about being the best person they can be.


Harnessing ‘Power’ in the Power of Intention Pt 1

December 1st, 2009 by Steve

The term ‘Power of Intention’ is thrown around all the time when people talk about the Law of Attraction (LOA). Generally, as the discussion progresses you hear more and more about ‘Intention’ and less and less about the ‘Power’ part.  Take a watch through ‘The Secret’ or ‘What The Bleep’ videos, or read one of the hundreds of books about Intention and LOA and you will be told over and over again what Intention is. It is ‘Power,’ however, that lets you manifest your desires. You can think of something and with the ‘Power of Intention’ bring it into reality.  I am over simplifying the lessons but my point is that all the focus is on the ‘Intention’ part and almost never on the ‘Power.’ If the ‘Power of Intention’ is truly a power, then shouldn’t we define the ‘Power’ piece as well?

What is ‘Power?’ If you look it up in a dictionary it has one of the longest definitions of any work I’ve seen. In my dictionary I see 32 different definitions.  Which definition is right for our needs?  Since the Law of Attraction is said to be ‘immutable’ like the Law of Gravity, we will focus on the physics definition.  Power as defined in relation to physics is:“The rate at which work is done, expressed as the amount of work per unit time.” Power is how much work can be done per unit of time.  Common examples we use everyday are things like watts or horsepower.  When you see measurements for how much ‘Power’ a car has, you see it measured in horsepower. A car with 300 horsepower is much more powerful than one with 100 horsepower. If these two cars were in a quarter-mile race to a finish line, then the car with 300 horsepower will arrive first (assuming similar weight and driving styles) because it has more ‘Power.’

If you are the car and your finish line is the goal on which you focus your ‘Intention,’ how much horsepower do you have?

If the ‘Power’ in the ‘Power of Intention’ can affect how powerful your ‘Intention’ is then it stands to reason that people with high ‘Power of Intention’ can manifest bigger things faster than people with lower ‘Power of Intention.’ The people with high horsepower can reach the finish line faster than those with lower horsepower.

Naturally the next question is: if I have low horsepower, how do I get more?  Can we up the ‘Power’ behind our ‘Intention?’ The answer is absolutely! In my post entitled Using Your Natural Talents, I discuss that we all have abilities we take for granted that we consider to be Natural Talents. These are just skills we have developed over time that we have more ‘Power’ in than other skills.  Additionally, I mention how we can take new skills and make them natural with time.  We can do the same thing with our ‘Power of Intention.’

How? The ‘How’ is the big question.  If we could train our Intention like a muscle, then we could make it stronger over time. With a stronger ‘Power of Intention’ we could manifest things in a shorter time. So does ‘Intention’ work like a muscle? If we use it over and over, like using our chest in a bench press, will it get stronger like our chest will? Will constant use of Intention increase your horsepower? I believe the answer is yes, but there are a few catches.

First, it is difficult to gauge how much you are using your ‘Intention.’  If you write down 100 daily affirmations and someone else writes down 1000 per day, is that person using ‘Intention’ more than you are?  What if you really believe in what you are writing and the person writing 1000 times does not believe as strongly? Based on the way LOA works, the 100 affirmations-per-day person will get there first so ‘time’ does not seem to be a good gauge of how to use ‘Intention.’

Second, let’s say that the same two people are writing down the same goal everyday.  The first person manifests the goal in a year.  The second person continues to write but does not manifest the goal.  They are both using the same technique but one succeeds and the other fails.  This happens all of the time.  What is the difference between the two?  The answer is faith.  If the first person believes he is worthy and deserving of the goal while the second person only goes through the motions, then the person with greater faith wins.  The high ‘Power of Intention’ rather than the effort or the time invested manifests the goal.

So we have seen that time and technique do not merit increases in ‘Power.’ How then do we increase the ‘Power’ behind our Intention?

How do we build more ‘Faith’ in the things we wish to manifest?

Back after a long absence

March 13th, 2009 by Steve

It’s been close to a year since I’ve posted to this blog. After writing the first few articles, I felt I needed to step away for it for a while.

Now I’m back.  Much has changed for me in the past year and much has not. It sounds very paradoxical, but in many ways I am different. I feel different, think different and act different all for the better (at least in my mind). However, in the physical world, I am very much the same. I still have the same job, still training hard, still doing Kung-Fu, still with same friends, still lucky enough to be with my same wife. Many people would look and say if everything is physically the same then you haven’t changed, you’ve made no progress. I can’t say I agree because I’m happier now than I ever have been.

My wife and I have both been going through an interesting transformation. We’re both in pretty much the same physical world we were in a year ago but somehow we’re happier than we’ve both ever been.

  • My stressful job, the one that made me feel over worked and under appreciated is now my blessing. I’m good at it, it provides me the means to live the life I want, I get along great with my co-workers and I help my customers do their business.
  • My strict training regime that I ‘had to’ keep with to stay fit is now my glorious escape. Every morning I am lucky enough to be able to get up and run a few miles, I am healthy enough to get up and do it and enjoy it. Every evening I get to meet up with my classmates in Kung-Fu work out hard, spar, train and help each other improve. These are no longer have-to’s these are now need-to’s. If I miss a day of training I feel empty, somewhere over the past year the chore of working out became my daily meditation.
  • My social life is also the same, the same friends, the same circles. Last year many of the social interactions seemed like a requirement. My friends didn’t seem to get me the same way they used to because I had changed. I harbored resentment because I was becoming something different and they didn’t understand. I believed they should get me, support me, and all the other negative thoughts we project out onto others when we’re unsure in ourselves. Today each of my friends is a different face of my personality and of God. They each represent a part of me that I like and as a whole reflect who I am back to me. I enjoy seeing them and miss them when they’re not around.
  • Finally, I’m still with my lovely wife. Our relationship is stronger than ever and we are connecting in a way we never have. Last year we were struggling a bit, both going through different changes and facing parts of ourselves as a byproduct of Intention training. Today we are closer that we’ve ever been and more on the same page than at any point in the past.

So what’s my point. It’s that sometimes the changes aren’t dramatic, they aren’t physical, they aren’t about money or jobs or love or anything out there. Sometimes they’re about changes in here, in your soul, mind and spirit. I have been able to find a happiness I never knew before living the same live I had. I spent years changing my physical body, manifesting the right partner, job and situations to further my life but over the past year my mind and soul had to catch up to my physical reality. I was taking for granted all the increadible blessings I have.

Are you aware of your blessings? Can you find a way to love and enjoy what you have today because its part of your journey? I wonder… if we all could love who and what we are today what would the world look like?

Practical Intention

You Are What You Think

April 13th, 2008 by Steve

Have you ever taken time to think about the simple sayings we hear throughout our lives? One of my favorite is “You are what you eat.” I am sure we have all heard that saying several times, but let us take two minutes and think about it. Your physical body is built, literally, from the food you ingest. The better building blocks (food) you give your body, the stronger it will be. Conversely, the weaker the building blocks you give your body, the weaker it will become. Most of us understand this and accept it as truth, even though many of us don’t heed its simple advice.

If what you eat becomes your physical self, then what becomes your mental or spiritual self? If you are what you eat then you are also what you think or feel. Spiritually, our food is thought and the feelings behind those thoughts. If you are what you think, then what are you thinking about?

I found when I ask this question most people say “I’m generally a very happy person” and “I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time.” In my experience, truly happy people do not have hard lives. It is the people who think they are happy but are really spending the predominance of their time with thoughts of negativity or fear in their head that have hard times. It is time to ask ourselves what thoughts are rattling around our heads throughout our day.

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Frustration, Glorious Frustration!

March 25th, 2008 by Steve

Everyone faces frustration in their lives. It’s most marked when we just can’t seem to get past something holding us back from manifesting that next step. While most people dislike frustration, I thrive on it. I would rather feel frustrated than feel stagnant.Why?

Simply, frustration can be seen as a guidepost to making progress. So here come all the moans and groans. Progress, are you kidding? Frustration seems like the opposite of progress, but it actually depends on how you look at it.

Why do we get frustrated? In my experience, there are three reasons:

  1. We are conflicted about what we really want.
  2. We do not really want to manifest what we’re asking for.
  3. We are trying to manifest something very large and don’t like the time it takes.

Conflicted About What We Really Want:

Feeling conflicted is very common.

There are simple emotional conflicts like wanting to be rich, but believing that asking or having money is greedy. The Internet is full of methods and techniques for getting past conflicts like these.. Then there are the deeper conflicts that we do not realize we have. They occur when we are asking for something in our lives that our subconscious mind sees a as conflicting interests.

When you try to manifest two things that are opposing, you will feel frustration until you take time to choose one or the other. For example, you want to be a successful CEO of your own company and you also want to be a great mother for your kids. Both goals are possible to attain in a lifetime, but can you commit to doing both with equal passion simultaneously? Are both of these goals ‘in synch’ with each other?

We all have preconceptions about what it takes to be a successful CEO or a great mother. Generally, to be a CEO takes hard work, a lot of time, devotion to your business, etc. The same can be said of being a great mother.

So do you believe that you have enough time to devote to being a successful CEO and a great mother at the same time? If not, here comes frustration to let you know that you either have to choose one or the other or modify your beliefs to know that both are possible.

Choose the one that matters most in life and refocus your energies to manifesting that one goal first, with the other as a second. “I want to be a great mother for my children and still have the time to run a successful business” or “I want a successful business that gives me plenty of time to spend with my children.”

When you think or speak your goals this way, it will help your subconscious mind get behind it because you are no longer in conflict. You believe your goals are now possible, hence they become possible.

We Do Not Really Want to Manifest What We Are Asking For:

I often find when I talk to my friends and family about their dreams that they desire the same big dreams we all do. Often times, they want these dreams without the ‘work’ it takes to get there. If you want to be a CEO but don’t like public speaking, making big decisions and being out on your own, then what are the odds your subconscious mind will allow you to manifest being a CEO? Not too high.

You have to want to manifest something you really ‘Want’ to do. Make sure you know what you are asking for. See my article on ‘Knowing The Future You‘ to ensure you are not asking for something you don’t really believe in.

We Are Trying to Manifest Something So Big, But Don’t Like the Time It Takes:

Let’s say you do not have any conflicts with what you want, and you love all the characteristics of being a CEO. Why the ‘frustration’ now?

Back to the “I want to be a successful CEO” goal mentioned above. Are you aiming high, real high? Do you want a small business or do you want to be a millionaire CEO? If you want the millionaire, successful CEO life then how far is that from where you are today? How big of a ‘leap’ will it take you to truly believe that you are that person?

If you have been doing your homework, then by this point you are willing to take on the challenges presented and you know what you really want. Now what you need if for your life to manifest the opportunities to get you there.

When you dream big and intend to manifest big, it takes a lot of energy and time. I like to think of it in terms of physics, the concept of Potential and Kinetic energy.

Potential energy is stored energy in an object. Kinetic energy is that stored energy put into motion. So a one pound rock (Rock A) sitting 100 ft off the ground has more Potential energy than that similar one pound rock (Rock B) sitting 1 ft off the ground. Rock A has more Potential energy because it has the greater ‘potential’ for energy (the speed, and accordingly energy, it would pick up falling 100 ft would be much greater than the 1ft fall of Rock B).

Imagine there is a piece of plywood at the bottom of the fall that each of these rocks will hit. Once the rocks are set into motion, the Potential energy converts to Kinetic (movement). Which rock would break through the plywood? Rock A from 100 ft up, or Rock B falling from just 1 ft? Sensibly, we all recognize Rock A would break through and Rock B would never stand a chance to get through the plywood. This is because it never stores up enough Potential energy.

Let’s return again to our “Millionaire CEO” goal. If you are building up energy through your affirmations, visualizations and life experiences, then you are lifting yourself up to the 100 ft mark to break through that plywood barrier. This takes time. Falling to the plywood from the 1 ft mark has so little power that you would find yourself repeating the process. You start at the 1 ft mark, drop onto the plywood, and repeat the same cycle over and over. If on the other hand you build up the energy (stay focused, keep the belief strong, etc.) regardless of feeling frustrated, then you will reach that 100 ft mark. When you do reach that point, your life will give you the sign that its time to release that Potential energy and break through that barrier.

Frustration to me is a sign that either: 1) I am conflicted, which lets me know that I need to get my priorities straight; 2) I do not really want what I’m after, in which case I alter my goals and affirmations accordingly; or 3) I am trying to manifest something big enough that I have to build up enough energy to do it. In any event, frustration is a sign that some adjustment is needed in my approach. But ultimately, it means that I am making progress.

Practical Tools:

  • Write a list of each of your major goals in life. Create columns for each goal listed and jot down what you feel is necessary in attaining each of those goals. For example:
    Column A Column B
    Successful CEO Great Mother
    Work Hard Time w/ Kids
    Great Leader Leader of Family
    Tough Decision Maker Caring Compassionate to Kids
  • Once you have the goals and what they mean to you add another column at the end, in this case Column C. In Column C compare the qualities of Columns A and B and see if you find conflicts. Do you believe that to work hard as a CEO will not allow you to spend time with your kids? If so, underline these qualities in both columns.
    Column A Column B Column C
    Successful CEO Great Mother Comparison
    Work Hard Time w/ Kids Can I spend enough time on both?
    Great Leader Leader of Family Similar, No Conflict
    Tough Decision Maker Caring Compassionate to Kids Can I be both tough and compassionate?
  • Now take a look at any underlined qualities. Decide which column should take priority and rewrite your life’s goal to make you feel like both are possible. In this case, if Column B were more important you would write “I want to be a great mother for my children and still have the time to run a successful business.” If Column A were more important, then you’d write something like “I want a successful business that gives me plenty of time to spend with my children.” I know they sound very similar, but there is a difference however subtle. In your mind you’ll know that you removed the conflict and will feel that this new goal is attainable, removing any subconscious limitations.
  • Finally, take your goal and think what it would take to actually get there. What would have to manifest in order to get you from today to the day you check that goal off your list. To your best estimation, write down a list of checkpoints that would indicate you’ve reached the goal. How long is that list? The longer it is, the longer it will take to manifest, but you now have smaller goals to get to the larger one, so work on manifesting each one and before you know it you’ll be the Greatest Mother / CEO in the world.

Practical Intention

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