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Control Yourself Control Your World

June 10th, 2011 by Steve

An interesting conversation at work today made me think about what control we have over our reality. I was talking with a coworker I had not seen in many months and we were commiserating about our crazy work hours and how it’s affected our free time. As our conversation progressed I noticed that my coworker kept talking about how she had let herself ‘slide’ (her words) because of the extra hours at work. She kept interjecting self depricating jokes about her appearance while at the same time talking about her ‘plans’ to take control of life in the future.

I started thinking to myself, “if we can’t control ourselves, then how can we control our environment?”

Earlier in my life I made the same excuses and comments before I realized why we make them. Most of us have felt less than our best at some point in our lives. We use humor to make ourselves feel better and deal with our negative self image. We make fun of ourselves around others to cover up our insecurities as if to say “I’m ok with my current situation.” We make fun and use humor because we are uncomfortable with ourselves and our current situation. We always leave those conversations feeling somewhat lessened and assure ourselves that at some point in the future we will do x,y and z to make a change. When we do finally make that change, it takes time and effort but starts when we decide to take control.

The decision to take control has a very powerful energy. Without control of ourselves we are walking around saying to the universe “I want to master my reality and control my life but I don’t have the energy to master myself.” How do you think the universe will respond to that?

Compounding what we are saying to the universe what do we feel? I realized that my feelings and thoughts were betraying me. How could I believe in my chances for changing reality when I was always making excuses about my lack of control at the most basic level. Our body, mind and soul is our only vehicle for interacting with the world. If I couldn’t control my vehicle how could I master my journey?

The people who truly master their realities have always mastered themselves first. Your body, mind and soul must be under control before you try to control your world. If you can’t master your vehicle in this reality you can’t master your reality itself. If your race car is broken down or running poorly how can you master the race track or win the race?

Your body is the lens by which you view your reality. If you’re making excuses to yourself and others then you are constantly putting energy out to the universe that you feel like a failure, otherwise you wouldn’t make excuses. And if your thoughts are always about failure, then you will manifest more of that.

As you work toward manifesting your ideal reality look inward first and make sure you have mastered yourself. This doesnt always mean the perfect body, the most brilliant mind or a perfectly zen soul but it means a body you’re proud of, a mind that serves you well and a soul that you feel at home in.

Once you are happy and in control of yourself your vehicle is ready. You’re race car is tuned up and you’re ready to win the race.


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Survive or Thrive

May 14th, 2011 by Steve

Do you seek to thrive or just get by and survive?

It is unfortunate that so many people in the world live in dire enough conditions that surviving through life is a huge accomplishment. For those poor people the mere act of finding food, shelter and clothing occupies all their time. They do not have the luxury of thinking to themselves how do I thrive?

For those of us blessed enough to live in better circumstances we should ask ‘are we trying to do better than just survive?’ I find myself pushing to make sure my thoughts are about growth, expansion and thriving instead of just getting by. How often do we think to ourselves ‘if only I had enough money to pay this one bill’ or ‘just get me through this one meeting?’

What energy are your thoughts putting out into the universe? Are you asking the universe to just get you by or do you want the universe to give you more than you can imagine?

What kind of energy are you putting out there? Often times we get so caught up in surviving that we forget to ask for what we need to thrive. If you are always asking the universe to just get you by, to just let you survive this one time then that is all you will get. You will always just survive. You are not asking the universe to give you everything, give you amazing abundance. You are saying ‘just get me by.’

Start asking to thrive. Start manifesting abundance. There is more than enough out there for everybody but you have to ask for it. You have to want it and know you deserve it. Don’t let your guilt fool you into thinking it’s greedy to ask for more. Our realities are just a reflection of our beliefs. There is no universal law that says you have to just squeak by and just survive. If you believe you should thrive then you will.

Change your thoughts and prayers, don’t just ask for one more day, ask for another year. Don’t ask for $50 to pay your bill ask for $500,000 so you never worry. Don’t ask for any guy or girl to notice you ask for all of them to notice.

It takes time for your emotions to follow your thoughts but if you keep asking for everything you want rather than just want you need to get by the universe will eventually reflect your Intention and you will begin manifesting larger and larger returns.

Before you know it you will be Thriving.

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Easy Is Not Always Best

August 8th, 2010 by Steve

As my wife and I are getting ready for the birth of our baby girl, we are faced with a plethora of choices regarding the birth. We have received advice from our friends, family, doctors, the Internet, books and the TV. We want the best for our baby, so after our research my wife and I decided to have a natural child birth.

We learned some startling information regarding births in the US. The birth outcomes in the US are as bad as many third world countries. In fact, they are among some of the worst in the world even though we have one of the best medical systems worldwide. A cause appears to be the over-medicalization of the birth process. More than 1 in 3 children are born through cesarian section and over 50% receive epidurals. Many large hospitals give epidurals to over 90% of women who deliver babies.

As a man, I can’t imagine the immense pain women endure giving birth and I understand a desire to lessen the pain. But I am learning from my wife that a process that is natural, albeit painful, has been made easier and yet more dangerous in an attempt to avoid discomfort and pain in childbirth.

I started to wonder, is easier always better?

We live in a society that uses pills and surgery to help people lose weight, feel better and look younger. The same goals can be accomplished through exercise and diet, but they often require hard work and time. All too often, we take the easy ways to a goal.  The problem is that there is a price to pay.

The amount of relapses or new abuses is staggering. If you google relapses after lap-band surgery, you will find a slew of articles showing increases in alcohol, drug abuse, obesity relapses, etc. You’ll find addiction to plastic surgery or pills that make you feel good. So easy, it seems, does not always work in the long term.

There is a reason true success takes time. True weight loss after a change in diet and lifestyle becomes permanent because along the way you learn the skills, attitude and knowledge it takes to become the person who exists in that new reality.

How often do we try to manifest desires, speak affirmations and try to set our Intention to a dream that is easy? We want money or love and think it will just come in the form of a lottery ticket or a chance meeting.  I believe everyone wants to use Intention to manifest their dreams, but how often do you hear of stories where dreams just fall out of the sky? If you read the story of anyone who has succeeded, they did have ‘opportunities’ come to them but often they were prepared, worked hard and trained so when an opportunity arose they seized it.

As you work to manifest your dreams, make sure you are not just sitting on the couch wishing. Make sure you work toward your goals in addition to putting energy into manifesting the opportunity.  If you want a new job, work on getting the training you would need to do the job and make the right contacts.  If you want to meet a new partner, then you need to go out and meet people.  If you want to look different or feel healthier, then you have to eat right and exercise.  Wishing and setting your intention are one thing, but the Universe loves nothing more than action to bring you your dreams.


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Maybe it’s Just You

June 19th, 2010 by Steve

We all have bad days. It just feels sometimes like no matter what you do, how you feel or what energy you put out into the universe, that you just have a bad day. Hopefully the bad days are few and far between, and after the bad day you can put it behind you and move on. At least that is how it should be and feel.

Do you find yourself having bad day after bad day? One bad interaction with a rude sales person, mean boss or snippy waiter after another? Do you feel the world is against you? Are you always fighting the good fight, not letting people take advantage of you? Do you stand your ground and fight in order to feel righteous?

Well, I don’t like to say it but I will…. maybe it’s just you.

I have always seen God as a facilitator, a parent who supports His children by giving them the tools to live any kind of life they choose. I have never seen God as someone who plays favorites or chooses one to suffer while another lives in luxury. Those choices, I believe, are up to us. We choose the type of life we want to lead.

We choose how the world perceives us and how we perceive the world. I have many friends and acquaintances who live in very similar circumstances to me. They have similar jobs, income, education, families, etc. So our environments both physically and socially are pretty much the same. Yet they have the worse days. Every day is filled with someone trying to ‘get one over on them’ or some ‘rude waiter’ or some ‘idiot that cut them off.’ I rarely see or experience these things. I’m not immune from them but generally I have very few bad days. Am I that lucky? Are my friends who suffer from bad days that unlucky?

Did God choose me and say: “He is one of my favorites, so he gets to have easy and fortunate days”?  As much as I’d like to think that God did choose me for an easy life, I think I choose it myself. I am not removing God from the equation. God provides me the power and energy to manifest the easy life I think I deserve but, in the end, God gives me what I choose.

As I hear about the negative experiences my friends have, I keep coming back to the same two questions: “Why did you choose to have this experience? And why are you choosing to have it over and over?” For an answer I always look to my life and experience. If they occupy the same environment as me and they have these bad experiences, then I must be doing something so that I don’t have them.

How do you go from being a negative person to someone that always has great days? The answers are not easy. I will touch on them briefly but will have to expand on each with its own article in due time.

    1. Your Perception: It starts with your perception of the world around you. How do you react to your environment? A good example of this is in young children who have not had the life experience of adults and often tease or make fun of other children. If you look closely, you’ll notice that they rarely pick on kids who are not bothered.  They almost always pick on kids who are bothered because they are looking for that reaction to feed something inside themselves that they do not get elsewhere. If you react negatively to people (which more often than not are the cause of the bad situations), then more attacks will come your way so those people can feed off your negative reaction. On the other hand, if you react positively or don’t react at all, you will soon see that the negative people in your life will take less of an interest in you. If they are in a negative space, they want you there too. If you won’t join them, they will stop trying and find someone who will. As the saying goes, “misery loves company.” If you cannot perceive a loving, caring world you will forever experience a life of ‘bad days.’

      Start changing your perception today. When faced with someone negative, don’t get sucked in. Instead, react positively and show them love and understanding. It may drive you crazy at first because you will want to put up your shields and fight.  But it is easier to let energy flow past you than to put up a wall and resist it. Imagine standing in a river or a gust of wind and you face it head on. You feel its force pushing against you and you have to push back just as hard. However, if you turn your body sideways, the wind or water rushes past with minimal resistance. Being nice and radiating positivity is equivalent to turning your body sideways. Others’ negative energy will flow past you so you waste no energy dealing with that situation.


    1. Your Feelings: How do you feel every morning? Do you wake up eager to face your day? Are you excited to get to work and do something meaningful or touch base with your coworkers? Does the thought of seeing your children get you hopping out of bed eager to face the day? Or do you get up dreading facing your boss? Want just a few minutes sleep until the kids come in and you have to deal with them? Would you rather lay in bed another hour or another day than deal with the world?

      Your feelings set the stage for the type of day and life you will have. You have to get up excited to face the day.

      Find something that you love to do and set aside time right when you get up to do that one thing. Do you like to run, meditate, knit or watch a TV show? If you know that upon getting up you will get to do that thing, it will help to set the tone for the rest of your day. Every morning I get up and go for a jog with my wife. I cannot wait to get up in the mornings and spend time with my wife for a few minutes as we both exercise and talk. This sets the energy for the rest of my day. Work seems great, my friends are fun and I enjoy all of my interactions because I radiate happiness.


    1. Your Energy: This may sound very similar to your feelings but there is a difference. At first when you are in a negative energy state it takes conscious effort and energy to elevate yourself to a higher energy state where you radiate happiness. As you practice feeling good and perceiving a caring world, your energy will get higher and higher.  Soon you won’t have to perceive a happy world because you will live in a happy world.


  1. Your Faith: What do you believe you should experience day to day life? Do you believe that life is a struggle and you need to fight your way through? Or do you believe life should be easy and you should get everything easily? This is the hardest part to truly build. Faith is the most powerful and solid way to build an easy life. Perceptions change day to day, feelings go up and down and your energy varies. Over time you can get them all in sync with your life’s goals.  But when you believe, when you have faith that you deserve the easy life and to have it all go your way, then it comes easily.

If you see yourself having bad day after bad day, try to ask yourself why you do this to yourself.  Then try to change your perception, feelings, energy and finally your faith. Once you do, you’ll be seen as one of the “lucky ones” by your friends who haven’t found the way out.


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Why are we so scared to be scared?

May 16th, 2010 by Steve

I saw something interesting a few weeks ago flying home. The seat to my right  on the plane was empty and soon enough the young lady who had that ticket showed up. She seemed nice enough but I could feel negativity coming from her. As she moved past me to take her seat I could smell the liquor on her.  She stumbled like she was intoxicated, tripping over me and falling into her seat.  As soon as she sat down she took two huge pills and passed out, dropping the almost empty coffee cup she held in her hands to the floor.

The behavior was consistent with someone who was terrified of flying. I have relatives who have the same fear.  In order to get on the plane, they drink as much as they can at the airport and then take pills when seated to make it through the flight. The alcohol and drugs help them pass out so they can deal with the flight. They pass out to avoid their fears.

Why do we put our bodies through such torture rather than face our fears? Is it better to pass out and feel nothing than to sit with the fear, only to know you’ll have to face this same issue again? Personally, I would rather be scared and face it once rather than numb myself and feel nothing. It seems most people would rather avoid fear than conquer it.

Why are we so scared to be scared?

Continue reading ‘Why are we so scared to be scared?’

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Harnessing the ‘Power’ in the Power of Intention Pt 2

May 4th, 2010 by Steve

In part 1 of this article we discussed the ‘Power’ in the ‘Power of Intention.’  I asked the question how much ‘Power’ do you have behind you’re Intention and can we build more ‘Power?’ My conclusion was that we can increase our ‘Power’ like putting more horsepower in our car or working out a muscle to make it stronger.

The key to that Power is Faith.

To build more ‘Power’ more ‘Wattage’ more ‘Horsepower’ behind your Intention we need to find a way to practically build faith in our desires and dreams. I often struggle with building faith. I get motivated and start out on my new mission. I write down my goals, say affirmations, and do all the tips and tricks we all read about, but usually, I quickly lose steam. Unless I see some kind of progress, I tend to lose faith. What makes the difference between the desires I’ve manifested and the desires that still seem out of reach?

I’ve found that when I believe or have faith in what I’m manifesting then it manifests, and usually fairly quickly. I have had periods in my life when I felt I was ‘on fire’ a desire so strong to succeed that the universe bent to make it happen. These were either times of desperation when I hit a wall or times of a life high when I felt unstoppable. How do I recreate the high times all the time when I am manifesting a goal that today seems so far off? How do I manifest a goal that for one reason or another I can not put my faith behind?

I’ve been taught, when a goal is so far off that I can break down the big goals into smaller ones but often times, that still does not bring it to fruition. If I am trying to manifest a new career, I know I have to work on the smaller goals like get the training I need, network, put my resume out there, etc. However, I still wanted to recreate that incredible power I feel when I am living the high times. When I am on fire, in a high Intentional state, when I believe with heart and soul in my desire, it happens overnight. If we could have access to that same level of power all the time then imagine what we could accomplish. I decided, instead of letting the goal dictate my ‘Power’ or faith, I would simply build my ‘Power’ so whatever I focus on becomes manifest that much faster.

It makes sense doesn’t it? The more faith I have, the more ‘Power’ I have the quicker I can manifest anything. Some things will still come quicker but with 500 horsepower in my Intention engine rather than 100, I’ll manifest everything quickly.  My faith for my entire life will be like those times when I feel that life high.

To build ‘Power’ I have to build ‘Faith’ in my dreams, my goals and most importantly myself. It’s easy to have faith in something here or there but to do it all the time, every time, takes constant work. What in our lives build faith? When do we start to believe? It is when we have that fire in our soul, that passion in our hearts. Times we will not be swayed, we will succeed at all costs.

We need to build faith every day, to use our daily lives as proof of our devotion to ourselves and our goals. Success is the ultimate fuel for faith and failure the ultimate deterrent. We have all felt the success and how we shine when we take on a goal and succeed. Think back through your life and try to remember the times you took on a mission and succeeded: the job you applied to and received; the man or woman you went after and charmed; the house you saved to buy and bought. How did you feel when you accomplished that goal?

You felt amazing. Can it be that easy? Can setting a goal and accomplishing it build your faith? Sort of, but the feeling is not enough. You need to focus that feeling, that ‘Faith,’ into the life goal you are trying to manifest. That is the catch, you have to focus the high feeling you get from success into a life’s dream. It is not enough to just succeed at doing something. You have to program your subconscious to believe you succeeded because of a desire in your life’s dream.

It sounds complicated, but it is much simpler than it sounds. Let us say you want to manifest a new job. How bad do you want it? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get it or are you going to sit on the couch and wish away? Why don’t you test yourself and see? There are easy ways to test your faith, which builds up your power with every success.

The physical world is the easiest to measure (many believe the only one you can measure). Start out with a simple but somewhat difficult physical goal as a test. It can be anything in the physical space. I will jog 3 miles everyday for 2 weeks or I will stop watching television for a whole month, etc. It should be something that matters to you. If you hate chocolate giving it up is not a real test of faith. It should also be something that is somewhat difficult to do. If you’re an avid runner, running 3 miles a day is not a real test. Pick something that matters to you, something somewhat difficult to achieve and set a definitive time frame. This is a similar concept to Lent for Christians where they show their faith in God by giving up something for 40 days. Instead of the focus being a faith in God, the focus becomes a faith in yourself and your goals.

Now that you have your ‘test’ how does this build ‘Faith’ and therefore ‘Power of Intention?’ You use your life goal as the focal point of your test. Using the above example of wanting a new job the test would go like this: For the next two weeks I will run 3 miles a day, everyday come rain or shine, to manifest my new job. Running and the job are obviously unrelated but that is not the point. The point is a test of your faith in wanting and therefore manifesting that new job.

Assuming the test you set for yourself is difficult (not impossible but difficult) and something that matters, everyday you get up and run and finish the 3 miles you are programming your subconscious mind to believe you want that new job. The more and more you program your subconscious mind with these successful tests, the more ‘Power’ will be behind your intention.

Like everything in life, there is a catch, the tests work both ways. If you pass them your ‘Power’ grows, if you fail your ‘Power’ shrinks. Additionally, the tests have to be difficult each time. If you ran the 3 miles for 2 weeks, the same test is not as effective. Once you have done it once, you know you can do it so it is not as big a boost to your subconscious. Each test has to be substantially difficult to be as effective as possible. The feeling of success against a hard goal is what builds faith in your desire. You want that job so bad you got up every morning and ran 3 miles no matter what. You ran through the pain, ran through the rain, ran when you wanted to sleep 5 more minutes. No matter what, you got up and ran. Your subconscious now knows that you want that job more than anything and as you are applying, as you are putting our resumes that energy seeps through. That confidences shows and before you know it, you meet a person who knows someone who leads you to your dream job.

To get started:

  1. Choose a life goal (new job, new friends, better health, etc.).
  2. Choose a physical test, something that will be difficult to accomplish but is within your abilities.
  3. Set a timeframe of 2 weeks.
  4. Every day complete your task with the thought in mind that you are doing this to manifest your life goal. If you wane or get weak, remember how badly you want to manifest that life goal and complete your test.
  5. At the end of the 2 weeks, you will have built up your faith in your life goal. Your ‘Power of Intention’ will be stronger.

Upon successfully completing your first test, take a quick break and then set a new harder goal with the same life goal as the purpose. Soon enough you’ll see your life goal come manifest, then you will set a new life goal and new test. The life goals will manifest faster and faster as your ‘Power’ increases. This takes years of training and there are many successes and failures but over time you build up immense ‘Power.’

Eventually, the life goals will come too easy to matter and you will exist just for the purpose of maximizing your Intention. Living just to be the absolutely best you can.

Everyday is proof of your devotion to an ultimate maximized ideal.

I am nowhere near that point, but I will keep working until I get there. I believe this is where gurus and spiritual teachers live. Every action, everyday is about being the best person they can be.


Frustration, Glorious Frustration!

March 25th, 2008 by Steve

Everyone faces frustration in their lives. It’s most marked when we just can’t seem to get past something holding us back from manifesting that next step. While most people dislike frustration, I thrive on it. I would rather feel frustrated than feel stagnant.Why?

Simply, frustration can be seen as a guidepost to making progress. So here come all the moans and groans. Progress, are you kidding? Frustration seems like the opposite of progress, but it actually depends on how you look at it.

Why do we get frustrated? In my experience, there are three reasons:

  1. We are conflicted about what we really want.
  2. We do not really want to manifest what we’re asking for.
  3. We are trying to manifest something very large and don’t like the time it takes.

Conflicted About What We Really Want:

Feeling conflicted is very common.

There are simple emotional conflicts like wanting to be rich, but believing that asking or having money is greedy. The Internet is full of methods and techniques for getting past conflicts like these.. Then there are the deeper conflicts that we do not realize we have. They occur when we are asking for something in our lives that our subconscious mind sees a as conflicting interests.

When you try to manifest two things that are opposing, you will feel frustration until you take time to choose one or the other. For example, you want to be a successful CEO of your own company and you also want to be a great mother for your kids. Both goals are possible to attain in a lifetime, but can you commit to doing both with equal passion simultaneously? Are both of these goals ‘in synch’ with each other?

We all have preconceptions about what it takes to be a successful CEO or a great mother. Generally, to be a CEO takes hard work, a lot of time, devotion to your business, etc. The same can be said of being a great mother.

So do you believe that you have enough time to devote to being a successful CEO and a great mother at the same time? If not, here comes frustration to let you know that you either have to choose one or the other or modify your beliefs to know that both are possible.

Choose the one that matters most in life and refocus your energies to manifesting that one goal first, with the other as a second. “I want to be a great mother for my children and still have the time to run a successful business” or “I want a successful business that gives me plenty of time to spend with my children.”

When you think or speak your goals this way, it will help your subconscious mind get behind it because you are no longer in conflict. You believe your goals are now possible, hence they become possible.

We Do Not Really Want to Manifest What We Are Asking For:

I often find when I talk to my friends and family about their dreams that they desire the same big dreams we all do. Often times, they want these dreams without the ‘work’ it takes to get there. If you want to be a CEO but don’t like public speaking, making big decisions and being out on your own, then what are the odds your subconscious mind will allow you to manifest being a CEO? Not too high.

You have to want to manifest something you really ‘Want’ to do. Make sure you know what you are asking for. See my article on ‘Knowing The Future You‘ to ensure you are not asking for something you don’t really believe in.

We Are Trying to Manifest Something So Big, But Don’t Like the Time It Takes:

Let’s say you do not have any conflicts with what you want, and you love all the characteristics of being a CEO. Why the ‘frustration’ now?

Back to the “I want to be a successful CEO” goal mentioned above. Are you aiming high, real high? Do you want a small business or do you want to be a millionaire CEO? If you want the millionaire, successful CEO life then how far is that from where you are today? How big of a ‘leap’ will it take you to truly believe that you are that person?

If you have been doing your homework, then by this point you are willing to take on the challenges presented and you know what you really want. Now what you need if for your life to manifest the opportunities to get you there.

When you dream big and intend to manifest big, it takes a lot of energy and time. I like to think of it in terms of physics, the concept of Potential and Kinetic energy.

Potential energy is stored energy in an object. Kinetic energy is that stored energy put into motion. So a one pound rock (Rock A) sitting 100 ft off the ground has more Potential energy than that similar one pound rock (Rock B) sitting 1 ft off the ground. Rock A has more Potential energy because it has the greater ‘potential’ for energy (the speed, and accordingly energy, it would pick up falling 100 ft would be much greater than the 1ft fall of Rock B).

Imagine there is a piece of plywood at the bottom of the fall that each of these rocks will hit. Once the rocks are set into motion, the Potential energy converts to Kinetic (movement). Which rock would break through the plywood? Rock A from 100 ft up, or Rock B falling from just 1 ft? Sensibly, we all recognize Rock A would break through and Rock B would never stand a chance to get through the plywood. This is because it never stores up enough Potential energy.

Let’s return again to our “Millionaire CEO” goal. If you are building up energy through your affirmations, visualizations and life experiences, then you are lifting yourself up to the 100 ft mark to break through that plywood barrier. This takes time. Falling to the plywood from the 1 ft mark has so little power that you would find yourself repeating the process. You start at the 1 ft mark, drop onto the plywood, and repeat the same cycle over and over. If on the other hand you build up the energy (stay focused, keep the belief strong, etc.) regardless of feeling frustrated, then you will reach that 100 ft mark. When you do reach that point, your life will give you the sign that its time to release that Potential energy and break through that barrier.

Frustration to me is a sign that either: 1) I am conflicted, which lets me know that I need to get my priorities straight; 2) I do not really want what I’m after, in which case I alter my goals and affirmations accordingly; or 3) I am trying to manifest something big enough that I have to build up enough energy to do it. In any event, frustration is a sign that some adjustment is needed in my approach. But ultimately, it means that I am making progress.

Practical Tools:

  • Write a list of each of your major goals in life. Create columns for each goal listed and jot down what you feel is necessary in attaining each of those goals. For example:
    Column A Column B
    Successful CEO Great Mother
    Work Hard Time w/ Kids
    Great Leader Leader of Family
    Tough Decision Maker Caring Compassionate to Kids
  • Once you have the goals and what they mean to you add another column at the end, in this case Column C. In Column C compare the qualities of Columns A and B and see if you find conflicts. Do you believe that to work hard as a CEO will not allow you to spend time with your kids? If so, underline these qualities in both columns.
    Column A Column B Column C
    Successful CEO Great Mother Comparison
    Work Hard Time w/ Kids Can I spend enough time on both?
    Great Leader Leader of Family Similar, No Conflict
    Tough Decision Maker Caring Compassionate to Kids Can I be both tough and compassionate?
  • Now take a look at any underlined qualities. Decide which column should take priority and rewrite your life’s goal to make you feel like both are possible. In this case, if Column B were more important you would write “I want to be a great mother for my children and still have the time to run a successful business.” If Column A were more important, then you’d write something like “I want a successful business that gives me plenty of time to spend with my children.” I know they sound very similar, but there is a difference however subtle. In your mind you’ll know that you removed the conflict and will feel that this new goal is attainable, removing any subconscious limitations.
  • Finally, take your goal and think what it would take to actually get there. What would have to manifest in order to get you from today to the day you check that goal off your list. To your best estimation, write down a list of checkpoints that would indicate you’ve reached the goal. How long is that list? The longer it is, the longer it will take to manifest, but you now have smaller goals to get to the larger one, so work on manifesting each one and before you know it you’ll be the Greatest Mother / CEO in the world.

Practical Intention

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Know The Future You

March 16th, 2008 by Steve

Using Intention and the Law of Attraction (LOA) to manifest our lives can sometimes feel like an arduous task. Most of us dream big and intend to manifest those big dreams. We can get there slowly and surely and with painstaking efforts, but what if there was a way to help speed up the process?

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine that I haven’t spoken to in a while. He spoke about the goals he set for himself, and he described feeling frustrated with his life and current events. In that moment, it occurred to me he was right on track but he didn’t know it.

How did he miss it? Simply, he did not Know The Future Him. What does Know The Future You mean? It means to know who the future person you are manifesting is, know what that person likes and dislikes, know that person’s mannerisms, traits and characteristics.

Why is this important?

Let’s take a common goal many people share: “I want to lead a healthier life (lose weight).” An intentional process may start with writing your goals and saying affirmations, as well as dieting and going to the gym. Inevitably, according to statistics (and my own personal experience), the fire to reach that goal fades away and we fall back into our old habits. Why?

Again, “Know The Future You.”

Instead of just writing goals or using affirmations, take the time to think about what you are asking for.

  • Who is this healthier person?
  • How does this person live his life?
  • Does she enjoy physical activities (as healthy people generally do)?
  • Does he enjoy the healthy food he eats?
  • Is the way she eats a temporary diet, or a lifestyle?

As you start answering these questions, you will realize as I did when I finally succeeded losing weight that healthy people love being active. They have physical hobbies that keep them fit (running, gym, yoga, martial arts, etc.). They also enjoy the taste of healthy foods, as opposed to considering it a ‘diet’ that you’re forced to eat. It never occurs to them to eat another way or to skip working out or training. They simply love that life.

Once you do your homework and define the new You, identify the key characteristics that version of yourself has that you don’t and watch as opportunities manifest in your life to help build those characteristics. The LOA can be amazingly powerful when applied in this manner. When you put thought behind what you need in order to manifest the future You then you’ll see the subtle little changes that are helping you build the new you.

For example, if you decide to lose weight in order to become the future You:

  • Your life will bring you opportunities to ‘join up’ with physical hobbies.
  • You will manifest articles, TV shows and the right information about how to eat healthy and change your life.
  • You will meet people willing to help you or train you, or share their experience.

But what if you ignore all those signs because you’re focused on the end state? What if you’re so focused on waking up thin one day that you miss your life giving you the tools and opportunities to reach that goal? Most of us would not miss the signs if we were losing weight, but what about if we wanted to be a CEO of a successful company?

What characteristics do CEOs have? Generally, they are well organized, confident, comfortable speaking in front of people or large crowds. They are decisive, innovative and charismatic leaders.

Back to my friend who was working on marketing a particular product he wants to sell. He explained how frustrated he was with his current job for making him do a training session for other employees (speech in front of people, confidence). He complained about being given a new project that he had to manage from start to finish (organization, innovation). He wished his life would manifest the opportunity to market his own product. Well, it was. But he was missing the signs and was throwing away golden opportunities to build the characteristics and skill set he would need to reach his goals, further delaying his progress.

The moral of the story is to “Know The Future You.” Revel in and cherish the opportunities your life will bring to help you develop the skills and characteristics you’ll need to be that future You.

Practical Tools:

  1. Spend a few minutes imagining what you will be like when you have manifested your life goals.
  2. Describe in detail, as the way a writer would describe a character in a book, who this “Future You” is.
  3. Take the literally description and write down the top 5 characteristics or skills the “Future You” has.
  4. Keep that list around and check it often. And keep in mind that you need to be the things on that list in order to manifest your dream.
  5. When your life brings you the opportunity to develop those skills, jump on the chance to master it. In no time, you’ll be setting a new goal because you’ll have blown the old one away.

Practical Intention

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